10 Things You’ll Hate Kim Kardashian a Little More

Kim Kardashian’s Paris robber 2016 says he doesn’t feel any guilt for attacking her: He was just throwing money away Kim Kardashian claims that he doesn’t feel guilty for attacking Kim Kardashian in Paris in 2016. Buzzfeed reports that a Paris robber has revealed parts of his original criminal plan to Vice in a conversation. Kim Kardashian is a hot topic, regardless of whether you like her or hate her. Many of the criticism is negative. She has been criticized for her looks, media exposure, and her ability to profit from a celebrity status she gained through a reality TV show and a sex tape. Is Kim really the worst? Here are 10 things Kim did that made a difference in the world.

10 Things You’ll Hate Kim Kardashian a Little More

She has raised awareness about the Armenian genocide

Her honesty helped to reduce stigma surrounding fertility issues

She visits children at a hospital for children regularly

She made inter-racial relationships more acceptable

She encourages women to embrace their curves

She increased the number of bone marrow donors

Kim requested donations to a children’s hospital rather than creating a North baby registry.

Kanye and she donated 1,000 pairs of shoes for charity

She is a nice person to all of the staff

Her enthusiasm for spray tanning could save lives

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