10 ways to be more productive

1 – Use past mistakes as a blueprint – Instead of beating yourself up for where you are right now, use your past mistakes as a sort of guideline for what not to do

2 Set a timer – Set a timer for a 5 minute and start a hard task . You can stop in 5 minutes makes it easier to start and you may just going and complete the task.

3 Plan the next day work – Plan the next day before you go to bed . Having your plan in place allows you to get a quick start on your morning routine.

4 – Set attainable goal – Set attainable goal . Break larger goals into smaller pieces so you can hit your target each time.

5 – Get rest – Get lots of breaks and take breaks .You are more creative and productive if we get enough rest and take small beaks throughout the day .

6 – Traning – Invest your time in training there are hundreds of training videos online and many of them are avaliable for free . The more you learn , the more productive you will become.

7- Create a workplace – Create a workplace ,that is clean , comfortable , decorative and free from distraction .

8 – Identify your most productive work time – People vary in terms of when they are most productive. For example, are you a morning person or a night owl? It’s important to identify which hours of the day you feel most alert and attentive, and then dedicate those hours to your most important tasks.

9 – While you’re at work, make your phone less distracting – Need a little help avoiding the temptation to check all those entertaining social media apps? In addition to turning off your notifications, you may find it helpful to change your phone’s display to grayscale, which removes all color from the screen, reducing stimulation.

10- Stick to one master calendar Forget Post-its and scattered notes. Morgenstern recommends merging all of your tasks and appointments into one calendar or scheduling system that makes you comfortable. “A to-do list that is not integrated into a schedule rarely gets done,”

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