32 lessons we have learned from Week 5 of the 2022 NFL season: New York, New York rising

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The 32 lessons we’ve have learned during Week 5 in the 2022 NFL season:

1. Reminder off the top, concussions are still the biggest issue facing the NFL. On Saturday, the league and NFL Players Association issued a joint statement following the conclusion of the probe regarding Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa’s controversial “care” earlier this month even though they both agreed that the concussion protocol was applied when the player clearly received an injury to his head on Sept. 25 in a game against Buffalo but returned to the field after a short absence, “the outcome in this situation was not the way originally intended at the time that the Protocol was created.” The protocol, first implemented in 2013, was changed since then, and the current version it is again “to improve the safety of players. “

1a. The term “ataxia” is described as “abnormality of balance/stability or motor coordination, or dyspneasive speech due to neurological issues” is now made a part of the standard’s enforce. Athletes who have been diagnosed, as is the case with Tagovailoa showed against the Bills are now excluded from the game with no exclusion.

1b. In sum, the union and the league agree that the “Protocol is designed to set an uncompromising quality of care for concussions for all players, whereby every medical professional is required to conduct an objective and thorough exam of the patient-player (sic). In that regard the parties will continue to evaluating the Protocol to ensure that it is consistent with the intended approach of conservatively screening patients for concussion injuries.”

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1c. Irony (or coincidence) being the way it is Tagovailoa’s replacement Teddy Bridgewater, played one game on Sunday before being removed from the game because of signs of ataxia. Bridgewater was hit in the head by New York Jets rookie CB Sauce Gardner after being flagged for intentional grounding inside the end zone, giving the NYJ the safety.

2. The Jets, who played four games in a row of the season – participating in all 4 AFC North teams – beat the Dolphins 40-17, securing the victory for the first time in AFC East victory since the season of 2019. Prior to Sunday’s win the Jets had lost 12 times in a row divisional games.

2a. At 3-2, the Jets are just above .500 after just five weeks for their first time since the 2017 season (when they went 5-11).

3. For the second time in a row that the NFL held a match in London on Sunday. This is an important milestone for the Green Bay Packers’ first appearance in the league’s International Series before a full stadium, who are very fond of the Pack at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

4. But it was the New York Giants, who participated in the inaugural normal-season match in London in 2007 (and won the Super Bowl at the end of the season) and came up with an upset of 27-22 with a solid performance by RB Saquon Barkley (106 total yards and a touchdown) and a shrewd one from QB Daniel Jones.

5. The Giants are now 3-0 in United Kingdom, tying them with the Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots for the league’s top record outside of the United Kingdom.

6. Green Bay’s offense did not score at halftime. Perhaps an impersonator played the quarterback?

7. The Giants (4-1) and Jets are currently a combined 7-3. But between 2017 and 2021 seasons both teams went 22-59. which was the lowest mark across the league in the five-season period.

8. The Philadelphia Eagles (5-0) remain the only unbeaten team in the NFL and were boosted on Sunday with two more running touchdowns by QB Jalen Hurts during an 20-17 victory over their rivals the Arizona Cardinals in the desert.

ARLINGTON, TX – NOVEMBER 27: Tony Romo #9 of the Dallas Cowboys holds the ball under pressure from the Philadelphia Eagles at Cowboys Stadium on November 27, 2014 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

8a. However Philly certainly benefitted from the Cards’ QB Kyler Murray’s inability to use his situational awareness – remember there was no mandatory Independent research … such as verifying whether chains moved at the end of the game, when he fell short of the first-down marker , and then spiked the ball on the following play. The result was that backup quarterback Matt Ammendola to prematurely attempt the (failed) 43-yard field goal. Just a few yards further the game could be in overtime.

9. Rams WR Cooper Kupp has caught 49 times in five games.

9a. Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields has 49 completions in five games.

10. The Houston Texans were the team that was the last to score a victory during the season 2022.

10a. Should anyone be amazed? It’s not surprising that the Texans have now defeated Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars nine straight times.

11. And now look who’s back at the top in the AFC South after winning their third straight time Tennessee Titans. Tennessee Titans, who started at 0-2, but are likely to play a role in their attempt to take the league title for the third time in three years.

12. Tom Brady improved to 11-0 in the game against Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta Falcons, and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers – with help of a questionable roughing-the-passer decision in the case of Grady Jarrett – reclaimed the sole title of first on the NFC South by hanging on to win 21-15.

12a. TB12 has not lost three consecutive games in the regular season , since 2002, when it was the last time that one of his teams was not in the playoffs in which he was not injured.

13. Los Angeles Chargers > Los Angeles Rams.

13a. Who would have imagined that it would be the Bolts currently 3-2, taking on a lot of early season struggles and injuries, not to mention Brandon Staley’s mind-bending dedication to the rigors of analytics over common sense than the champions of the past who are currently 3-4 after Sunday’s “home” defeat in Dallas Cowboys? Dallas Cowboys?Receive the weekly newsletter on Monday and Thursday delivered to your inbox.

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14. The Cleveland Browns were the team that missed the 54-yard field-goal on the final game of their 30-28 defeat to the Chargers after the Bolts were unable to get the ball during downs at their own 46-yard-line when Staley should have punted are just a few steps away from becoming 5-1. Instead, they’re 3-4 and are very much at risk of being irrelevant when Watson’s suspension for quarterback ends in Week 13.

15. The latest report from news from the Rams that aren’t able to run the ball or defend the quarterback Matthew Stafford, have had lost records in each of McVay’s 6 seasons.

16. Doesn’t help when Cowboys fans invade your place of business as well Stafford and Co. are ordered to operate on an unspoken count.

16a. The Cowboys and their defense, led under Dan Quinn, the ex- Seattle Seahawks coordinator Dan Quinn is beginning to look like a Legion of Boom-like after moving to 4-1. Cooper Rush’s 4-0 record is impressive but he required 16 passes to the Rams in a game where Big D’s D scored five sacks, forced Stafford into three turnovers , and kept the reigning champions scoreless with 10 points.

17. Three of the most popular cornerbacks this year including the Texans’ Derek Stingley Jr. as well as The Jets’ Gardner and Buffalo Bills’ Kaiir Elam – have recorded their first ever interceptions on Sunday. (The third, Trent McDuffie of the Kansas City Chiefs, is placed on the injured reserve.)

18. A new king in the NFC North? The Vikings defeated the Packers in the first week of the season, have a one-game advantage over Green Bay in the NFC North.

18a. Speaking of kings in the North, Jon Snow was present at the Pack-Giants contest just a few kilometers to the south of Winterfell.

18b. The last time the Packers were not able to take the division? It was in 2018, when the coach Mike McCarthy was fired.

19. Vikes QB Kirk Cousins started the game on Sunday against the Bears with a record-setting 17 consecutive completions, and finished the game with a 1-yard TD run.

20. The Cook brothers Minnesota’s Dalvin as well as Buffalo’s James together scored three touchdowns on the rushing field on Sunday. In the case of James Cook, a rookie the game was his first time in the NFL the endzone.

21. The Bosa brothers The Chargers’ Joey and San Francisco’s Nick together to treat two groin-related injuries. Joey is out for a while after the surgery was performed on in September. 30. Nick Bosa was injured Sunday and was unable to play the rest of the 49ers victory, which was 37-15, over the Carolina Panthers, though his injury was not as severe since the 49ers’ player was still wearing a jersey on the Niners sideline.

22. The Patriots’ Bailey Zappe and Pittsburgh Steelers’ Kenny Pickett became the first rookie quarterbacks to play this season.

22a. Zappe notched a win thanks to an efficient game (17-for-21, 182 yards, TD, an INT) in a shutout victory over Detroit Lions. Detroit Lions.

22b. Of course, it’s a benefit when you’re playing the league’s worst Detroit defense which allows 34 points per game.

23. Predictably, it didn’t go like it was to Pickett. He was able to throw three times for 327 yards (and an interception) however the Steelers were beaten 38-3 to Buffalo. But Pickett provided the fire that coach Mike Tomlin wanted … in part by fighting to defend himself after taking a few low-cost shots by Bills defense.

23a. The Steelers are at 0-8 on the field with out OLB T.J. Watt since the 2017 draft.

24. The Bills averaged 10.2 yards – which is more than a first-down – for offensive snaps Sunday as they accumulated 552 yards in total.

24a. Buffalo QB Josh Allen (career-high 424 yards and 4 touchdowns passing 42 yards running) could return to the driving seat for the league’s MVP.

25. The Baltimore Ravens beat their franchise record-breaking five-game losing streak in home games (by 12 points) by defeating their rivals the Cincinnati Bengals 19-17 Sunday night. The best way to analyze the game? Set the game at the heels of the K Justin Tucker, who scored 13 of Baltimore’s points.

26. Last season’s Super Bowl teams The Rams and Bengals both have a record of 2-2.

27. Hope you started with New Orleans Saints’ Taysom Hill as a quarterback … or running back … or tight end … in your fantasy. Hill was not a starter at either of those positions, but recorded four touchdowns which included one throw and three rushing as well as a game-winning 60 yards in the 39-32 win against the Seahawks. He ran for 112 yards and nine carries. He’s developed into the type of athlete Tim Tebow could have only wanted to be.

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – SEPTEMBER 28: Lamar Jackson #8 of the Baltimore Ravens waits for the snap in front a sign that reads “Black Lives Matter” against the Kansas City Chiefs at M&T Bank Stadium on September 28, 2020 in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images)

28. Welcome back to Washington Commanders rookie RB Brian Robinson, who rushed for a team-best of 22 yards in his professional debut just six weeks after being injured twice in one of the carjackings. “I cannot even describe the joy of being back in the game,” he said. “Today everything was finally a lightand I’m happy to be back on the field.”

29. The Commanders, who lost four games in four games, were treated to another taste of what is known as the Carson Wentz Experience. He completed 359 yards of passes which included 75- and 30 yard TD passes to Dyami Brown … however, he He was also sacked on the 1 yard line with six seconds remaining when Washington was looking for the possibility of scoring a TD.

30. Remember, you paid Amazon to stream the disastrous game of last Thursday night against the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos. Both teams scored zero touchdowns, and went 6-6-for-6 in the redzone with four interceptions, 10 defensive sacks, and 15 penalties. Indianapolis’ Matt Ryan continues to struggle to hold onto the ball and the Denver’s Russell Wilson keeps missing every passing attempt. So much for the notion that acquiring a proven passer is a panacea, though maybe Wilson will perform better after undergoing an operation on his throwing shoulder after the game.

30a. Worse news: The next Thursday Amazon will cost you for watching Commanders and Bears. We’d recommend having the scores delivered to you instead, with a two-day assurance.

31. Welcome back, Pat Patriot … it’s been too long 10 years to be precise.

32. Congratulations to recently admitted to the Hall of Fame LT Tony Boselli. On Sunday, he was the first Jags player to ever see the number (71) removed.

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