After the chaos of 2022, United Airlines says it’s adding trans-Atlantic flights for next summer.

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United Airlines plans to expand its transatlantic flights in the coming summer, and it will be “redoubling” efforts to prevent another incident similar to the one travelers who flew to Europe encountered this year.

Insufficient staffing caused misery in European Airports, all the way from London to Amsterdam The result was a plethora of luggage long lines, hours-long waits and passengers who were cooling off their toes at the airports, and were unable to make their flights.

“We’re also working very close with the actual airports in Europe to make sure that they can handle our passengers and handle the new flights at the appropriate times — getting everyone with their baggage on time, every time,” United Executive Patrick Quayle told reporters.

“We’ve just kind of redoubled our efforts to make sure that process is smoother,” Quayle stated.

The United summer 2023 schedule will feature 3 new routes, 4 brand new city pairs and an increase in schedules on the other route, he added.

The new cities include Dubai located in the Middle East; Malaga, Spain as well as Stockholm, Sweden.

Airline officials described their transatlantic schedule as being 10% more than 2022’s, and 30% higher than the 2019 schedule.

The issue with caps on passenger numbers

Not just United -were required to limit their flight in some cases due to restrictions imposed by airports in order to minimize disruption.

London Heathrow this week said it was planning to reduce its capacity for passengers in the month of March as well as “get back to full capacity … as soon as possible.”

United’s Quayle expressed his hope that those caps on Europe are lifted by the time United’s transatlantic additions begin in the spring of next year.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – OCTOBER 7: A United Airlines passenger plane flies over the sky during the Fleet Week in San Francisco, California, United States on October 7, 2022. (Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

“Airlines are being forced to reduce the flying because of passenger caps,” the author declared. “And so I would truly be speculating — I hope it doesn’t last longer than the fall and into the winter season. I hope it’s resolved by next spring or next summer, but I don’t know.”

The hopes of the hopeful traveler could be destroyed at one airport, the one that is in trouble Schiphol situated in Amsterdam.

The airport is often regarded as to be among one of the more efficient and highly rated airports in Europe the airport is still plagued by shortages of labor to cause chaos that dates back to spring.

The city’s airport, which was the third-busiest in the world for passengers from all over the world in 2021 has been reducing capacity for flights and plans are in place to limit passengers until the beginning of 2023.

The uncertainty only gets worse: The Dutch Parliament recently announced that it would like to limit the annual maximum number of flights between 500,000 and 440,000, to lessen noise pollution and emissions.

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