Ant Anstead responds to critics for posting pictures of son during bitter custody dispute with Christina Hall.

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The host of the TV show was accused of being hypocritical since the host has criticised Hall for putting the child in social media posts that were paid for.

Ant Anstead was defending himself after being accused of posting photos of his 3-year-old son Hudson in his dispute over custody with the ex of his wife Christina Hall.

A 43-year old “Wheelers Dealers” host faced negative online reaction after posting Instagram pictures of Hudson on Thursday, even though he had criticized Hall 39 in court for posting images of their infant in social media.

Users of Instagram quickly took to the posts to complain Anstead of being hypocritical. The U.K. native fired back at critics in his responses.

“She can post as many organic photos as she wants to. Please do your research on the facts and come back fully informed. X,” he said to one critic, following multiple users claimed they thought he was “unfair”.

Ant Anstead was able to defend himself following criticism for posting photos of his 3-year-old son Hudson. (VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

Many supporters of Anstead have come to his defense in response to the fact that Hall was featured by Hudson in ads that were paid for in their Instagram account.


“Hudzo childhood is not for sale. As a dad I will continue to step up for him x,” the rapper told an Instagram user.

One commenter claimed Anstead of making use of Hudson to market his companies in a comment, pointing out that Hudson’s son has been in pictures alongside Radford Motors cars, a unique automobile company which he founded with his father.

“No one buys a $500k supercar because hudzo was in a picture,” said he replied. “I even kept him out the TV show (despite being asked many times).”

Another person who was critical of him told Anstead that he is entitled to “all the shade you get” and that he ought to have resolved their disagreements privately , rather than in court. Anstead was asked if Anstead had any “hidden agenda”, adding that “I feel sorry for the crap Hudson will see when he gets older.”

“He will read the private letter I wrote her on April 21st a week before I stepped up for him,” Anstead replied. “She’s had 25 weeks to agree to not exploit him. She finally has x.”

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One fan asked him how he deals with all the hate on social media He replied that he needs the option to “laugh about it actually.”

“The uninformed herd mentality is telling of our current climate,” he said. “If I were told about 25 weeks ago “get some flack from this group of Karen’s in exchange in exchange for Hudzo getting a fair deal to make money’, I’d be willing to accept this offer! X.

Anstead as well as The “Christina on the Coast” host separated on June 2021. However, they are locked in a well-publicized custody battle regarding Hudson.

According to the documents that were obtained from Fox News Digital, the presenter on TV expressed his concerns over the use of Hudson’s picture in paid-for content and also on a TV production set.

Anstead’s post, which contained images from Hudson together with the grandfather he was born to, came shortly after Hall declared that Hudson will not appear on her social media accounts.

Anstead’s tweet comes just days after Hall declared that Hudson will not be appearing as a social media user. (Allen Berezovsky)

“I am mentally exhausted over the recent false accusations against me. Hudson’s father has made attempts to turn my family, friends and fans against me through manipulation tactics and false information,” the home improvement professionalwrote via Instagram.

“This has had great impact on me and my household. Because of this, I have made the decision to no longer feature Hudson on Instagram, my tv shows or any social platforms until he is old enough to make this decision for himself.”


“Hudson’s father has stated in his court filings publically that the way he uses Instagram to assess the type that I’m a parent as it is the sole access to my private life. This is the situation since July, 2020. This is a ridiculous pressure on a platform intended to document moments you’ve chosen to share, instead of a judgement tool…especially considering that this is only just a tiny fraction of my life, as the rest is shared between me and my family.

Flip or Flop Flip or Flop alum added: “My personal collection of photos on my phone and in our home are filled with memories of my children, so Hudson will be just fine without having his presence displayed on a public forum. Thank you to all the people who can see beyond the nonsense being thrown at me. I am and will ALWAYS remain a protective mother.”

Christina used to go by her initials “Haack” but she took Josh Hall’s name as their last name when they got married in April. Joshua Hall. Anstead has been in a relationship with Renee Zellweger after they met on the set of his TV program “Celebrity IOU Joyride” in the year 2000.

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