Local Man is Celebrating $100,000 Lotto MAX ENCORE Win

The Kingston’s Giuseppe Cifala is the winner of $100,000 in LOTTO MAX prizes by matching the final six of seven ENCORE numbers exactly in the draw on September 30, 2022 According to an OLG announcement. A frequent lottery player for more than two decades, Giuseppe said to the OLG: “My favourite games are LOTTO MAX, … Read more

What do you know about the what is alleged Paul Pelosi attacker David DePape and his “creepy” group

It is not known much concerning David DePape, the man who is accused for hitting Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, with a hit with a hammer at the Pelosis’ San Francisco home early on a Friday morning. Law enforcement officials have said an investigation into the motives behind DePape’s arrest is in … Read more

Democrat rebukes ABC’s Jon Karl for not supporting Biden’s campaign: ‘I don’t know what your talking about’

Jonathan Karl: “I remember President Obama holding 16 rallies across the country in October 2010 alone.” Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.), the chair of House Democrats’ campaign arm, attacked ABC’s Jonathan Karl Sunday, saying that President Biden was largely MIA during the midterms campaign trail. Karl pointed out that Biden spent significantly less time on the … Read more

Phillies win the World Series with Bryce Harper’s eighth-inning home run

This is the Phillies’ first pennant win since 2009. Bryce Harper wasn’t going back to San Diego. The defending NL MVP blasted the pennant-winning two-run homer to send the Philadelphia Phillies into their first World Series since 2009. To secure their place in the Fall Classic, the Phillies defeated the San Diego Padres by four games to 1. … Read more

Report: Kim Plath, star of ‘Welcome To Plathville’, was arrested in Florida for DUI.

TLC’s star was taken into custody following a June arrest for driving under the Influence in Florida. “Welcome To Plathville” Reality TV star Kim Plath was arrested for driving under the influence in Florida. Plath, 50, was reportedly arrested by the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office while she was serving a warrant from another agency for an incident that … Read more

After making controversial claims about feeling ‘objectified’ over ‘Deal or No Deal, Meghan Markle visits Montecito.

Paris Hilton and Duchess Sussex spoke about stereotypes on a recent episode of Archetypes podcast Meghan Markle took to the streets of Montecito on Friday afternoon after making controversial comments on her podcast. She claimed that she felt “objectified” working as a briefcase girl for the “Deal or No Deal” game show over 15 years ago. … Read more

Biden policies are designed to boost the turnout of voters in November Dem strategists

“We’ve done exactly the same thing” said an official from the Clinton White House official President Biden uses all the power of his presidency to assist Democrats stay clear of the possibility of a Republican sweep this November. Biden is hoping that a string of executive actions will increase participation for Democrats and deflect GOP attack … Read more

Marjorie Taylor Greene says McCarthy should give her more power to delight GOP voters.

McCarthy is expected to be his successor as Speaker of the House If Republicans gain their majority of seats in the House of Representatives Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene cautioned House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. McCarthy, that he must provide her with an increase in “power” in addition to “leeway” to delight Republican voters … Read more