Baltimore Ravens edge Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday night football.’ We’ve got the scoop on the information we gleaned.

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BALTIMORE Baltimore John Harbaugh and the Baltimore Ravens know that divisions don’t win in October.

There’s no better timing to get a home win in the league, and especially against a division rival that is also the current AFC champion.

The Ravens beat The Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday 19-17 due to Justin Tucker’s game-winning field goal of 43 yards at the end of time. This was a reverse of earlier in the week where they beat the Buffalo Bills mounted a comeback after the break and converted their own field goal walk-off in M&T Bank Stadium.

Baltimore has won its first win at home this season. It it also moved into the top spot on the AFC North, ahead of the Bengals and Cleveland Browns, both of who are averaging 2-2.

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Three things that we discovered on Sunday night:

Joe Burrow outduels Jackson, however, Lamar is the winner.

Despite having two of the best players in the league at the top position, players like quarterbacks Lamar Jackson and Joe Burrow both however, the teams were unable to score offensively.

They were mostly uninterested the field’s defense as well as position dominated the first three quarters or so. Cincinnati had an average of 5.0 yards of passing per play, whereas Baltimore was marginally more efficient (5.2 yards per pass).

Burrow seemed to strike the ultimate blow by leading the Bengals in a touchdown drive and getting to the end zone in the time allotted to the two-minute warning.

However, Jackson who was named the 2019 MVP responded and came up with his own game-winning play. The Cincinnati defense was able to keep the boundary while Jackson led a two-minute drill that was the focus in training during the week, Jackson explained after Baltimore’s recent struggles late in games.

In terms of statistical accuracy, Burrow had the better game, going 24-for-35 and the most passing yards, 217. Jackson was much less efficient (19-for-32, 173 yards).

“I was pretty good,” Jackson said.

Each quarterback made an unfortunate interception. Burrow’s resulted in an Tucker field goal of 58 yards.

In the third quarter, Jackson was thrown over a receiver for six points. He also played two games he’d love to see returned.Receive the weekly newsletter on Monday and Thursday delivered to your inbox.

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“Those events occur,” Jackson said. “They crucial is that we did win. I’ll be furious at film (study) however.”

Jackson was also carried 12 times and the 58-yard distance. Jackson surpassed his career 4,000-yard record for rushing as the fastest (sixth in the overall) quarterback to cross this milestone. Jackson accomplished this feat in only 63 games. Michael Vick (87 games) was the first to achieve this mark.

“There is no one as good or better than him” Harbaugh said. “I’ll beat everyone else to him. He’s ours. We love Lamar. Lamar is one of the Ravens quarterback. I’m sure all Ravens supporters feel exactly the exact as I do. We love Lamar. The players are in love with him. Our organization loves him.”

He heavily depended on tight end Mark Andrews (eight catches, 90 yards, one score) along with wide receiver Devin Duvernay (five catches, 54 yards).

ARLINGTON, TX – NOVEMBER 20: Dallas Cowboys Running Back Ezekiel Elliott (21) runs around the edge during the NFL game between the Baltimore Ravens and Dallas Cowboys on November 20, 2016, at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. Dallas defeats Baltimore 27-17. (Photo by Andrew Dieb/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Zac Taylor was inspired by cuteness on the goal line

The Bengals had the opportunity to draw or win during the third quarter following the offensive team moved the ball and utilized Baltimore penalties. This led to an opportunity to score a goal on the Ravens 2 yard line.

The result was a disaster. The Bengals played an adapted version of Philly Special and suffered a 12-yard loss. Marcus Peters was credited with an interception for taking over the play.

“That was a huge game,” Harbaugh said. “There were numerous things going on in that play.”

An Ja’Marr Chase catch brought them back to 2 however, a flimsy shovel pass towards the inside was kicked out, and Cincinnati was able to turn it over in the downs.

and a 15-play, 73 yard drive that took 8 minutes, 4 seconds to naught.

Taylor did not add much stress during the game’s pivotal moment. When the ball was at the half-yard mark with just two minutes left, and the score at by 16-10 Taylor made a Burrow play that went well and ended the game.

A tense extra point from Evan McPherson – the kick was slammed into the right upright and was declared as a great kick. It was then it was followed by a penalty to give Cincinnati an advantage of one point.

Justin Tucker remains a unicorn

Even when things aren’t going well with Baltimore’s offense, even when things are slow for Baltimore offense, crossing the midfield can be a great opportunity to score points with Tucker’s right foot. Tucker.

Tucker scored the first score by scoring a field goal of 37 yards on the Ravens first drive. in the 3rd quarter, Tucker smashed from 58 yards with effortless (the NBC broadcast said the kick could have been successful from 60 feet) for Baltimore an advantage of 13-10.

All of that was the apex for Tucker’s climax that took Ravens fans home with a smile.

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