Billie Eilish and The Neighbourhood’s Jesse Rutherford are Instagram official

Billie Eilish seemingly used a Halloween costume that featured an elderly man and a child to criticize fans for the age gap of 11 years between her and her rumored lover Jesse Rutherford.

Billie posted a slideshow of Halloween-themed photos of images and videos on Instagram and wrote a caption, “life is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy [clown emoticon] happy halloween.”

Some pictures show her carving pumpkins or showing her friends in costumes for Halloween The final slide apparently divided her fans. Billie twenty is dressed as a baby doll wearing an adorable pink bonnet, while Rutherford 31, who is 31 years old, has turned into an older man.

The image appears to have been altered to appear as if it was shot with an electronic camera. It has the words “cancel” beneath Billie as well as “delete” underneath Rutherford.

A few fans are asking Billie to take down the image because they feel it’s offensive and others are praising her for not worrying about what the opinions of her critics are.

If you’re wondering why the fans aren’t entirely thrilled by the relationship they have formed It’s not due to the gap in age between them. Many critics have pointed out that The Neighbourhood singer has been friends with Billie from the age of a teenager when a photo was released of the two at a party for Halloween in 2017.

For those who defend the relationship, some have been arguing Billie was an adult who competent to make her own choices regarding who she wants to date.

The two were romanced last month.

In the slideshow it is believed that she’s making a joke about new music. The next slide shows short video of a person looking up at an open window to observe Billie enjoying an unidentified techno-inspired song in her studio.

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