Bills beat Chiefs when Taron Johnson takes out Patrick Mahomes to end the game.

Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs played with great chemistry in defeating Patrick Mahomes.

The Buffalo Bills waited for months to take revenge after the AFC Championship Game against the Kansas City Chiefs, and they won with a victory of 24-20.

Josh Allen orchestrated a score-making, fourth-quarter scoring drive that culminated in the 14-yard Dawson Knox touchdown catch to make it a Bills ahead, resulting in the winning score of the game. It took Allen to rush for 2 yards in order to score an incomplete 4th-and-1 for an initial down however, the Bills had no trouble moving forward after the play.

Allen was able to accumulate 329 yards, scoring three touchdowns while running 27-for-40 through the air. He also rushed for 32 yards in 12 plays. Allen’s preferred receiver was Stefon Diggs, who racked up the most yards with 148 yards from 10 receptions, which included the 17-yard touchdown catch on the right sideline, which was placed right in the basket of bread.

The game was exactly what you’d expect from these two high-octane offensive teams. Patrick Mahomes was able to match Allen’s speed and agility in the presence of the home crowd. However, when Mahomes was on the field, and the Chiefs needed a big play from him his first pass was intercepted by Taron Johnson, securing victory in the favor of the Bills.

It was Mahomes the third interception on the game and his initial drive was snuffed out in the end zone , after the ball, which was thrown by Bills defense and Marquez Valdes-Scantling. The play ended with an entire Chiefs 14-play drive disappointed when the defense was able to recover an unintentional fumble from the Bills in the first game of the series.


KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE – OCTOBER 15: Running back Jabari Small #2 of the Tennessee Volunteers runs the ball with defensive lineman Byron Young #47 of the Alabama Crimson Tide defending in the second half at Neyland Stadium on October 15, 2022 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Tennessee won the game 52-49. (Photo by Donald Page/Getty Images)

Mahomes did score two touchdowns, however one was to Juju Smith-Schuster in his first game as Chief – and another in the direction of Mecole Hardman. He threw for 338 yards, which was 25-for-40 and was repeatedly dragged down from the Bills. Mahomes had been sacked only nine times over the course of the first five weeks prior to this game.

After the first drive with a fumble, Allen was able to gain the first points through driving the field enough to allow Tyler Bass to kick a field goal. The first touchdown passing of the game was for Gabriel Davis, who had an impressive week prior to the game.

Davis attacked his opponent with one-on one coverage to catch an impressive 34-yard strike from Allen on the right sideline to score the third score in the span of two games. Davis is now an offensive threat with his deep ball for the Bills and that opens up various opportunities to their offensive.

When Diggs was the top player, Davis was right behind his 74 yards from three catch.


On the field, Devin Singletary set the pace with 85 yards on 17 plays. He also racked up 22 yards with four grabs.

On the Chiefs on the sideline, Smith-Schuster was who led the pack with 5 receptions and 113 yards. Travis Kelce, a week after scoring four touchdowns could not find the end zone however he had 108 yards from eight receptions.

The Bills will play their Sunday night game just a week away, and will play their rivals the Green Bay Packers on their home field.

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