Top 10 CBD Coffee Products

Nothing beats a perfectly made cup of coffee. Unless, of course, the coffee is infused with CBD. We think the herb and coffee are a perfect mix. It turns out that others share the same sentiment.

CBD coffee is becoming one of the most popular inspired products in the legal hemp industry. People adore CBD coffee, with many claiming that it provides them with more energy and maybe less anxiety than a regular cup of coffee. However, further research is needed to better understand how the two chemicals interact.

CBD coffee makers believe their customers enjoy the benefits of both CBD and coffee. Both are believed to have antioxidant qualities.

CBD mixed with coffee is really popular for a reason. Many people believe CBD makes good coffee even better. Interested in finding out what all the fuss is about?

Here are the top 10 CBD based coffee products.

Here are some of the top CBD coffee items you can find:

1. Green Roads Founders’ Blend: Hemp Flower Coffee

Green Roads is one of the most popular CBD brands on the market. With a strict devotion to quality, they’ve gained the reputation they rightfully deserve in the crowded CBD market.

Green Roads Founders’ Blend Hemp Flower Coffee is frequently regarded as one of the best CBD coffee products. Each small batch roast, made with estate-grown Colombian coffee and hemp produced in the United States, has a rich, robust flavor. Because it is prepared in small batches, the cannabinoid content varies across batches. Each batch has a unique cannabis profile, which is printed on each bag.

If you like flavored coffee, Green Roads also provides CBD coffee in French Vanilla and Hazelnut. Each 12-ounce bag of ground beans costs $19.99.

2. Willie’s Remedy: Dark Roast Blend Coffee

Yes, Willie Nelson has his own line of marijuana products. Willie’s Remedy is the CBD component of the musician’s cannabis brand. All Willie’s Reserve products are made using cGMP standards and organic production procedures, which “supports the Nelson family’s commitment to American farmers and environmental stewardship.”

Willie’s Remedy Dark Roast Blend Coffee is one of the top-rated CBD coffee products on the market. This strong blend is described as sweet and smooth, with flavors of dark chocolate and black cherry.

The coffee is fair-trade certified Nicaraguan coffee from the woman-focused SOPPEXCCA Co-Op, as well as Colombian coffee from the mission-driven Risaralda Co-Op. This premium coffee contains full spectrum CBD grown naturally on small to medium-sized farms in the United States.

Each 8-gram bag of whole or ground beans contains 250mg CBD and costs $25.50. There is also an option to subscribe and save 10%.

3. Hakuna Supplies Hakuna Hemp Roast Awaken Blend.

Hakuna Supply has developed a CBD-infused coffee containing full spectrum, water-soluble CBD. Their Hakuna Hemp Roast Awaken Blend mixes Guatemalan coffee and Colorado hemp to produce one of the most popular CBD-infused coffees available.

Because it contains water-soluble CBD, which has been clinically proved to improve absorption, a cup of Hakuna Supply’s CBD coffee with 5mg of CBD is equivalent to consuming many more servings of normal CBD oil.

Each 8-ounce bag of ground coffee costs $24.95. According to Hakuna Supply, each bag yields 16 to 24 eight-ounce cups of coffee, each containing around 5.5mg of CBD.

4. Strava CBD Coffee, Medium Roast

Strava CBD Coffee is among the best-selling CBD coffee brands on the market. Their Medium Roast CBD Coffee, created with premium Colombian coffee beans and U.S.-grown, broad spectrum CBD, has 20mg of CBD per serving. Each 12-ounce bag contains 25 serves of coffee and is available in both ground and whole bean varieties.

This smooth, balanced mix has aromas of milk chocolate and black cherries. Strava CBD Coffee is of exceptional quality, having been roasted in tiny amounts. And because it’s lab-tested, you can be confident that what you’re drinking is safe.

Each 12-ounce bag costs $54.95, and can be purchased once. You can also subscribe to save 30%, lowering the cost of each bag to $38.47.

5. Buddha Beans CBD Coffee.

Buddha Beans is a small-lot artisan coffee company that sells many micro-roasted CBD coffees. They provide high-roasted coffee from a variety of regions, including Burundi, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Mexico. Buddha Beans coffee contains CBD produced from ethically cultivated hemp in the United States.

All of their blends are roasted and infused in-house, making this company genuinely unique in its specialty offerings. Their Burundi CBD Artisan Roast Coffee was named “Best CBD Coffee” and is characterized as full-bodied with flavors of cinnamon, honey, watermelon, and caramel.

Available in ground or whole bean form, 12 ounces (300mg CBD) for $35.50, 6 ounces (150mg CBD) for $20.00, and 2 ounces (50mg CBD) for $9.00. You can also subscribe to save 15% on each order.

Bonus: Although presently sold out, Buddha Beans also sells 100% compostable Colombian CBD K-cups.

6. Strava CBD Coffee: Special Edition Decaf Blend

Yes, Strava CBD Coffee makes its second appearance on our list. Their Special Edition Decaf Blend is a must-try for everyone who enjoys coffee and CBD but cannot consume caffeine. This mix, with flavors of brown sugar and citrus, is exceptionally smooth and tasty.

Each 12-ounce bag of ground or whole beans has 20mg of broad spectrum CBD per serving, with 25 servings per bag. Each bag costs $54.95, but you can save 30% by subscribing, bringing the price down to $38.47.

7. Naked CBD Nano CBD Coffee Pods.

Naked CBD Nano CBD Coffee Pods are intended for Keurig coffee makers. Their Nano CBD Coffee Pods are manufactured from full spectrum nano CBD extract, which Naked claims is 10 times more bioavailable than other CBD extracts.

The business argues that because to variations in nanotechnology, it is unable to disclose the CBD serving size per pod. The coffee is made using freshly blind-roasted 100% Arabica beans from Honduras, while the CBD is cultivated in the United States.

8. Bearded Man Yeti CBD Coffee Pods.

Bearded Man Yeti CBD Coffee Pods are a great option for those who prefer pods over conventional coffee.

Yeti CBD Coffee Pods are a full-bodied blend of CBD cultivated in the United States with coffee beans from Brazil. Flavor notes include dark cocoa and cayenne, with a seamless transition to pink peppercorn undertones.

Bearded Man’s 12-pack of pods costs $28, making it more cheap than most other CBD coffee pods.

9. Infinite CBD Nano CBD Non-dairy Creamer

Not all CBD coffee products contain actual coffee. If you prefer non-dairy creamer, Infinite CBD Nano CBD Non-Dairy Creamer may be the ideal CBD coffee option for you.

Each 8-ounce bottle includes 100mg of CBD isolate. While this is not a large dose of CBD, it should be sufficient—nano CBD is thought to be more bioavailable than regular CBD extracts.

Each bottle contains CBD derived from hemp produced on Colorado farms and has undergone third-party testing for purity. At around $16 per bottle, this is one of the only CBD coffee creamers on the market. Infinite CBD Nano CBD Non-Dairy Creamer comes in two flavors: hazelnut or vanilla.

10. Joy Organics’ Unflavored Organic Full Spectrum Tincture

Joy Organics has been producing CBD coffee since long before it became popular. We were hooked when we realized that adding a few drops of our CBD oil tincture to our morning coffee enhanced our energy without causing a wild crash mid-afternoon.

We adore CBD coffee so much that we developed five delectable CBD coffee recipes, each with its own distinct flavor profile. We discovered that utilizing a CBD tincture is one of the most convenient (and effective) methods to enjoy CBD coffee.

We especially enjoy our Unflavored Organic Full Spectrum Tincture in our coffee, but any tincture would suffice. Adding our mint-flavored CBD oil tincture to your coffee can add a festive touch, especially when mixed with a dash of cinnamon.

If you’re on the fence about purchasing the beans, try adding your own CBD tincture to your coffee to see if CBD coffee is truly all that it’s cracked up to be.


We truly believe that coffee and CBD are an ideal pairing. Each one matches the other so nicely. Caffeine provides an energy boost, while CBD offers a sensation of relaxation, allowing for better focus.

Whether you buy CBD-infused coffee beans or create your own CBD coffee using a CBD tincture, you may discover that CBD coffee is your new favorite.

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