Calendar Shows Expected Genshin Impact Update Dates for 2023

A new image published online suggests the possibility of 2023 changes to the smash-hit Genshin Impact and creates excitement among fans of the series.The picture is

A photo online suggests about a possible plan for future updates in Genshin Impact in 2023, however, there are no official announcements about the date of release for future updates for HoYoverse’s popular game have been announced. Since recent leaks offered fans clues about the upcoming Genshin Impact charactersand locations, anticipation for the new additions planned to the game has hit all-time record highs.

In 2020, Genshin Impact was released from Chinese creator and publishing company HoYoverse, Genshin Impact is an open-world action game that has gained a huge fan base, and generally favorable reviews from the critics. Genshin Impacttakes place in the world of Tevyat which is comprised of seven nations each controlled by a different god, and the player assumes the role of a twin in search for their missing sibling after they were cut off by an unnamed god. With a game-play loop that revolves on exploration and fighting, Genshin Impact lets players enjoy the game on their own or in a group of up to three other players in a cooperative multiplayer mode.

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In a post on the r/Genshin_Impact forum, user izzykuron out what they think to be the release plan of Genshin Impact will be in 2023. The calendar of release dates proposed for the game will include 9 updates to the game, along with the livestream preview scheduled to be held approximately two weeks prior to the release. Although HoYoverse has not yet released an official roadmap of updates in the game Genshin Impact in 2023, izzykuroneko used previous years release dates to guide his projections and has shared similar release calendars speculative of Genshin Impact in the past. In the wake of the most recent 3.1 update to Genshin Impact, which added the deserts barren of the the Sumeru area in Genshin Impact Fans are already thinking about the new features that will be included in Genshin Impact by 2023.

While the release map published follows Genshin the Impact HoYoverse’s typical cycle of releasing a brand new patch about every 6 months, izzykuroneko states that release times may change depending on whether HoYoverse isn’t able to resume their normal release schedule beginning at version 3.3. In response to inquiries from other players about possible mistakes in the proposed date for release, izzykuroneko stated that they will be updating the calendar as new information is made available. Fans have a good ideas of what’s coming when they play the next Version 3.2 of the game that will feature the playable character Nahida and Layla as well as the huge updated Genshin Inflictboss Scaramouche.

Despite some debates at the time of its the launch regarding borrowing elements in Breath of the WildGenshin Impact has become one of the top-rated online games available. The game’s success doesn’t stop at PC and consoles, however as a recent report saying it has made more than $3 billion. Genshin Impact‘s mobile version has earned more than 3 billion. Whatever the outcome, regardless of whether the release calendar is true, it’s evident it’s clear that Genshin Impact gamers aren’t able to enjoy this original and elegant RPG.

Genshin Impact is now available for the PC PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. An Switch version is under development.

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