Channing Tatum’s Best Quotes About Parenting, Raising Daughter Everly With Ex Jenna Dewan

Really stepping up! Channing Tatum has been open about the difficulties of raising daughter Everly as well as after his breakup with Jenna Dewan.

The couple were spotted during filming of the 2006 film Step Up and got married in July of 2009. Then, three years on, co-stars were revealed to be pregnant. Dewan was expecting their first child, however their busy schedules did not slow down.

“We’re going to actually have the baby in London while I’m shooting, and then there will be no downtime whatsoever after that,” Tatum said to Ryan Seacrestin an interview regarding shooting Jupiter Ascending in the U.K. just prior to when Dewan had her baby..

Us Weekly broke the news in June 2013 of the daughter of the pair was due to arrive one month before. “Channing is going to be the most adorable hands-on daddy ever and do whatever is necessary to make sure Jenna can balance it all,” an insider told the publication during the period.

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Tatum quickly returned to work to promote his movie White House Down after the arrival of his daughter Everly, however, it wasn’t an easy task. “I’m working in London and you’re away from your daughter for 12 hours a day, 15 hours a day, and you come back and you feel like her face has changed from the time you left in the morning until you came back at night, so that’s pretty hard,” Tatum stated to Us and other journalists at the screening in June 2013 saying the fact that “nothing is more important” than being with your family.

When it came to her Hollywood future The 21-year-old Jump Street actor was uneasy. “You know, she’s going to grow up and do whatever she’s going to do,” the actor said. “I do not really have any influence. … I would like her to live a balanced beautiful, healthy life. However, she’s going to follow through with what she’s planning to do.”

Five years after five years later, five years later, the Lego Movie star and the Flirty Dancing host declared that they would call their divorce after more than 10 years of marriage. Dewan was divorced in the month of October in 2018 as well as Us confirmed in February of 2020 when a judge had signed an order to approve the divorce. (Dewan was later able to announce the birth of her son Callum together with her fiance Steve Kazee in March 2020.)

The idea of raising his daughter on her own was a challenge however, Tatum leapt into the water headfirst. “I want dads not to be afraid to go into their daughter’s world and discover who they are,” Tatum told parents publication in the month of April in 2021. “When I was a single dad I was full of anxiety about connecting to Everly in all the ways she could want. … The truth is that I did not wear nail polish, nor did I knew how to braid my hair. But now I do both.”

“The Bullet Train star revealed that Everly was the inspiration behind his book for children, “The One and Only Sparkella The Bullet Train star added “Just Like Sparkella, Evie loves to play tricks, wear outrageous outfits, and stand out from everyone else. She’s gorgeous, confident and magical all the way around.”

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August 2022

Tatum has spoken out about his experience teaching Everly how important it is to being inclusive, explaining the fact that being within Los Angeles makes it easier to engage in the conversation. “L.A. is a mecca of being open and of completely new ideas of everything really,” Tatum told Entertainment Tonight. “There’s a lot that’s always changing and it’s very mercurial and that’s kind of the fun about it, to be honest, because I get to learn along with my daughter.”

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July 2022

“I’ve never been more creative in any movie or any creative venture I’ve ever done than I have been with my daughter,” the Lost City star said to Fatherly and joked that Everly is an “contrarian” personality. “My experience was to go into her world and be there with her. If she likes dragons, I’ll go be a dragon. If she likes witches, I’ll become a warlock.”

Tatum admitted that Tatum admitted that he “grew up very, very different” in comparison to what his daughter has had to go through to date. “I watched her go through some of these very pivotal, very seminal moments of a child — being self-conscious for the very first time, trying to navigate expectations for the first time. … Learning to be a parent is probably messier than being a kid,” Tatum said.

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February 2022

The Dog star discussed the challenges of being one parent after divorce and told the V-Man, “I know that I loved to perform and make up magic items, however I did not know if I capable of connect with my daughter at her level, particularly since I’m now a single father. I was extremely nervous. Would I be able to accomplish anything that moms should do? A mother, as woman, can be able to connect to as?”

To form a bond with Everly, Tatum vowed to “do whatever that is that she wanted to do,” regardless of how absurd.

MUNICH, GERMANY – OCTOBER 16: Reiner Calmund and his wife Sylvia Calmund and daugher Nisha during the 2oth “Busche Gala” at The Charles Hotel on October 16, 2017 in Munich, Germany. (Photo by Gisela Schober/Getty Images)

June 2021

The Magic Mike actor posted the first picture of his son’s face on Instagram with a touching tribute. “You my littles are everything!” wrote he. “You are my world and my heart. You were looking at the full moon in this pic and telling me the prophecy of the full moon mermaid and then we ran into the water and looked for her and played with glow sticks in the night water calling out to the mermaids. You said you touched a bald-headed mermaid and saw a tail. Haha one day you will read this, and I hope laugh. We have fun. Hehehe.”

April 2021

“I want dads not to be afraid to go into their daughter’s world and discover who they are,” the Alabama native told the story while discussing his book for children “The one and Only Sparkella with Parents magazine. “When I became a single father, I had a lot of fear about connecting to Everly in every way that a little girl might want. I didn’t wear nail polish or know how to braid hair. But now I do both.”

March 2020

Tatum offered fans the chance to see the way Tatum and Everly were busy during the COVID-19 lockdown. He shared photos from their adventures in the outdoors. “In this time of fear we choose [to] stay adventurous and full of love and life,” Tatum wrote on His Instagram story. “Things are so scary. So for us little challenges anywhere anyhow are tiny milestones to keep our mind and heart present and connected.”

In one scene from an excursion, Everly quipped, “We are going to die,” before telling her father, “If I die just know that I’ve always loved you.”

September 2018

The Hateful Eight actor revealed exclusively to the magazine the truth about Everly is among his most ardent critics. “Not only does she tell me that she doesn’t like my movies, she doesn’t even call them real movies,” he said. “One of my movies will be on and I’m like, ‘Look! Daddy’s on the screen!’ And she’ll be like, ‘Ugh, Dad. Can we watch a real movie or something?'”

The little girl liked the animated film Smallfoot. “I was really wondering if she was gonna like it or not, ’cause she only likes movies with female heroes or fairies, princesses and things like that,” said the actor. “I was hoping that [one] character would come through for me and keep her in the theater and it did! She loves Zendaya’s character.”

April 2018

In the event that Tatum and Dewan ended their relationship they declared the fact that Everly was their main priority. “We are still a family and will always be loving dedicated parents to Everly. We won’t be commenting beyond this, and we thank you all in advance for respecting our family’s privacy,” in a joint statement that was posted on Instagram.

June 2013

Soon after becoming a father, Tatum confessed that it was “very hard” to be away from his former wife and infant while doing publicity to promote White House Down. “I can tell you that being a new dad is pretty terrifying,” Tatum stated to the magazine when he was a new dad. “I’m pretty sure that something about [protecting] the president [like in the movie] makes the stakes a little higher, but to me as a new father, nothing is more important or scary than protecting a daughter.”

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