Earn Delta Air Lines miles with your Starbucks purchase

Your cup of coffee in the morning might aid you in saving money on your next trip.

Delta Air Lines and Starbucks have announced a new partnership on Wednesday that will allow the U.S. customers to earn rewards from both companies if they’re members of these loyalty programmes, Delta SkyMiles and Starbucks Rewards according to the press announcement.

“Delta and Starbucks are like-minded companies that strive to create moments of connection and give their members more of what they love, and this new partnership gives members of both loyalty programs exactly that – new experiences, valuable new benefits and more ways to earn,” Starbucks spokesperson Megan Adams said.

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Users can connect their accounts and earn 1 mile for every dollars spent for the eligible Starbucks purchases. When people are on an scheduled flight on the same airline and choose to purchase an latte with pumpkin spice or a different item, they’ll receive double Stars at participating stores. (For the price of 150 Stars can buy you the “handcrafted drink, hot breakfast or parfait.”)

TIANJIN, CHINA – 2017/04/29: Starbucks cup on wooden railing, arranged for photography. According to the report of the second quarter in 2017, the revenue of Starbucks was $5.3 billion, and the sales growth rate of both the global and the United States are 3%, while in China the number is 7%, which might become the main contributor to the growth of Starbucks in 2017. (Photo by Zhang Peng/LightRocket via Getty Images)

The collaboration makes up a bigger Starbucks program known as Starbucks Reward Together in which the company’s coffee has joined forces together with “the world’s leading brands’ loyalty programs.” The goal to “to increase awareness and drive growth of Starbucks Rewards as well as attract new members by offering valuable benefits and making it easier for customers to join,” the release stated.

The week before, Delta also announced certain SkyMiles Program changes as “a necessary step toward both preserving and improving the customer experience for our most loyal and engaged Members,” Dwight James, S.V.P. of Engagement with Customers and loyalty and the CEO for Delta Vacations, said in the press announcement.

The airline has increased next year’s requirements in order to attain the 2024 Medallion Status for Gold, Diamond and Platinum Members, as well as adding new benefits that will be available on February. 1. These include giving the option to gift status to another.

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