Emotional Anthony Rapp: I Knew I Wasn’t Spacey’s Only Victim

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Star actor Anthony Rapp says he decided to share a 30-year-old sexual encounter of Kevin Spacey because he was aware that it wasn’t just him Spacey was making inappropriate sexual advances towards.

NEW YORK (AP) – actor Anthony Rapp testified Wednesday that he made the decision to reveal the details of a 30-year-old affair with Kevin Spacey because he was aware that there was more than one person Spacey has made inappropriate sexual advances to.

Rapp was emotional and his voice began to shake when he reacted to a question concerning his motives. The question was asked from one of lawyers towards the end of the third day of his testimony during the civil sexual assault lawsuit that he filed against Spacey in Manhattan federal court. Rapp is seeking to recover $40 million to cover psychological damages.

“I came forward because I knew I was not the only one who Kevin Spacey made inappropriate sexual advances to,” Rapp stated.

A dispute caused to Judge Lewis A. Kaplan to swiftly announce that the comment was to be removed out of the record. The jury hasn’t been given the opportunity to consider other accusations made against Oscar-winning Spacey, at 63, who was well-known in the Netflix show “House of Cards” before the saga of sexual allegations ended his career in the year 2017.

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Then, Rapp elaborated on his claim that a 26 year old Spacey took him to the bed following a party held at the Manhattan residence in 1986. Then, he put his body in a position to press against the body of Rapp at the time, who was 14 years old before he squirmed away and ran to a bathroom prior to leaving the apartment.

“It was something that happened to me that was not ok,” Rapp declared.

Attorney for defense Jennifer Keller finished her cross exam of Rapp by questioning his credibility over the impact he claimed his interaction with Spacey was on his entire life. Rapp 50 is an actor presenter on “Star Trek: Discovery” on the tv. Rapp was part the initial Broadway actor cast from “Rent” and has performed in films such as “Adventures in Babysitting.”

Keller stated that he had informed his therapist after the Spacey incident and the subsequent sexual attention.

“Yes,” Rapp responded. He claimed he began to pay interest in him in ways he wasn’t before.

Keller Then, she asked if it’s unusual for someone who is going through puberty to show interest in sexual sex.

“Don’t you think that once puberty they begin to develop an desire to have sexual activity? Let’s get it out of the way you’re Mr. Rapp,” she told him.

“What is the problem? It’s not easy,” Rapp responded.

The next day, Lisa Rocchio, a psychologist for the forensic field who conducted an examination on Rapp in court, said he felt “a tremendous amount of shame, guilt and confusion” following having a conversation with Spacey. Rocchio was scheduled to appear on the witness stand on Thursday morning.

It is worth noting that the Associated Press does not usually identify people who have been accused of sexual assault, unless they speak out like Rapp did in this case.

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