Final CALL Harry Styles could be ‘blacklisted in Hollywood in the midst of Olivia Wilde drama & panned reviews, and a celebrity agent’s reveals

HARRY Styles The actor’s make-or-break attempt to break into Hollywood may be over, leaving his career in disarray an expert on celebrity reputation has stated.

In spite of the former One Direction star’s film career advancing at a rapid rate however, she has said that the personal dramas and shoddy reviews of her acting could cause it to grind to a slow halt.

Expert in crisis management for celebrities Lauren Beeching says: “Reputation is everything in Hollywood and negative backlash may be a result of two different ways.

“First it may block you from any opportunities in the industry of film and now that Harry has been accused of having poor acting skills, this might make directors wary of the possibility of casting him. And secondly according to the saying, every press release is good press.

“People on my group have gone to see the film Don’t Worry Darling for the reason that they want to know how “bad” Harry does in acting.

“The film has been the subject of many negative reviews due to drama in the cast, Harry’s performance, and the film not receiving the highest praises.

“The truth is that, even though this second one is a win in the short-term, but will create an issue in the long run for Harry until he is able to resolve the problems with his public image.”


It was in 2016 , that Harry first started to divide the time between his stunning new residence located above the Sunset Strip and North London while he worked on to establish himself in the US stage.

A small role in the film Dunkirk began his new career in 2017, followed by the appearance of SNL.

The film Don’t Worry Darling was the next film, directed by his wife, Olivia Wilde, and co-starred with Oscar nominated Florence Pugh.

Recently, Harry starred as a gay police officer in the film My Policeman, which gave Harry plenty of chances to shine.

“It’s important to highlight Harry’s profile and image have grown dramatically over the past 18 months and everyone’s eyes are focused on Harry,” adds Lauren.

“His more recent core fanbase might not have been able to see Dunkirk however, the case with Don’t Worry Darling and My Policeman there was a lot of attention paid to Harry and he would be the subject of a lot of scrutiny,” she says.

“I watched Don’t worry Darling and I noticed that it was not a natural character for Harry.

“A couple of scenes were off the mark, where Harry was almost acting out, and, on top of that the film was confusing with numerous fragments that didn’t line up.”


Despite the attention that has been paid to Harry’s new venture in acting Harry’s global, massive celebrity status continues to grow.

He has 46 awards for music in his collection from 130 nominations. He has established himself as a fashion-forward model, with his work for Gucci and getting on the cover of Vogue.

Through the years his love life has also been moving in the same direction from his relationship with Caroline Flack to Taylor Swift and beyond, as well as developing close relationships Stateside with celebrities like Kendall Jenner and James Corden who have publicly praised the singer’s latest actions in Hollywood.


“I think there’s an immediate judgement in the general public when musicians decide to pursue acting as a profession,” explains Lauren.

“Although I can appreciate that that it’s a bit odd how musicians think that they can also act. Don’t be fooled, there are some who have the ability to do it such as Eminem as well as Lady Gaga.

“But for many the general and professional opinion is that they frequently fail and that’s typically an isolated event.

“Currently the perception of the film industry is negative, both by film critics as well as the general public.

“A straightforward Google will result in hundreds of reviews that are negative about Harry’s behavior through social networks, in the press as well as sites such as Rotten Tomatoes.”


It was when Olivia Wilde and her ex-partner, Jason Sudeikis, ended their relationship in November of 2021 that the actress and Styles 28, who is 28, started sharing their flings in public. The tension between the couple started to play out.

Harry as well as Olivia were photographed holding hands during an engagement ceremony in the early 2021. They then enjoyed cosy summer vacations with each other, and even more later on in the year.

“It was not a good look that he was in a relationship with director Olivia and had been cast in one of the lead roles in Olivia’s movie, therefore they ought to have avoided the possibility of revealing their relationship,” explains Lauren.

“So there are a lot of jokes as well as judgements are centered around Harry “sleeping with his boss and asserting that it’s how Harry got his position.”

“Sadly, My Policeman seems to have been a bit under the radar , which could be due to the little publicity it got as well as the fact that it’s being shown restricted to select theaters and the drama that surrounds Don’t Be Worried Darling.”

The last nail in the coffin might be in the air this week when Wilde’s ex-husband Sudeikis’ Nanny claimed the fact that Sudeikis had been “brokenhearted” by his girlfriend’s new romance, and that the former nanny was unaware when Sudeikis discovered the news.

Sudeikis as well as Wilde have released an official statement in which they claim that the allegations made by the nanny are fake and absurd.

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