Hanako Greensmith Honored Hawkins with the Most Emotional Instagram

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Chicago Fire provided us with some heart-wrenching moments throughout this season. Exhibit A. In Season 11, Evan Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas), was tragically murdered by a falling building. He leaves behind Violet Mikami .

Violet was clearly distraught to have to say goodbye Hawkins. Hanako Greensmith who plays Mikami will also be missing him. In a series of sweet photos, Greensmith paid tribute to the time they shared on the series.

The first photo shows Hawkins in a nervous moment. Greensmith then posted stills of them looking at each other across the room during a dinner party. We were then able to see her and Nicholas backstage, smiling and posing together in front a Chicago Fire Truck.

She posted a funny mirror selfie of the couple, slathered with shaving cream, inside their trailer. A bittersweet photo of Nicholas smiling inside her fire truck and pointing at it was also included. To finish, we see Nicholas standing peacefully in front of a tree during a sunny day.

“What an amazing year. Scenes were so quiet without @jimmynicks. Greensmith captioned the message in a heartfelt note, “I love you.”

Chicago Fire will be a different place without Evan Hawkins. But there will be plenty of exciting moments to watch. Watch Chicago Fire Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC and the next day on Peacock.

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