How to Reduce Blood Sugar Level Naturally, Know Easy Ways to Control Blood Sugar

Due to staying at home for a long time and stress, the blood sugar of many people is increasing and they are becoming victims of diabetes. Learn tips for how to lower blood sugar.

The corona virus has changed many of our habits in a long time. People now live in homes more than before. Many offices and works are still running on work from home basis. At the same time, people are less out of the house even on weekends and holidays. In such a situation, it is seen that there has been a rapid increase in the blood sugar level of people and now more people are falling prey to diabetes than before. For those who are already suffering from any disease like diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease etc., the problem is more for them. Due to the fear of the virus, people are able to reduce physical activities. Due to this their metabolic system is getting worse. People with medical conditions, such as those with diabetes and other incurable diseases, are at higher risk.

Control Blood Sugar Levels

What is the reason for the increase in blood sugar?

Reasons for increased blood sugar levels were stress, anxiety, lifestyle changes, a sedentary lifestyle or limited physical activity. Among the people, rising blood sugar levels were recorded especially in areas like North, West and North-East, which are major carb consuming regions in the country. The report attributed the rise in blood sugar levels to unhealthy and poor lifestyle. But we do know that stress is one of the prevalent factors contributing to diabetes.

Also the lockdown has turned many people into home bakers and we have seen an increase in the consumption of sweets. While sweets are not the only contributor to rising rates of eating sweets, following unhealthy eating habits, coupled with an inactive lifestyle, can have lasting consequences in the long run.

Workout to reduce high blood sugar

Diabetes prevention is essential

In a country like United States with diabetes levels considered particularly high, preventing the onset of a chronic health problem is critical. If not managed well, it can exacerbate other problems like obesity, as well as increase inflammation.

High blood sugar level serious problem

Blood sugar levels should never be taken lightly, especially at a time when the epidemic is spreading so fast. A weakened immune system due to illness can increase the risk of corona virus infection. Studies have now also shown that people with high blood sugar are at higher risk. Here is some advice that diabetic patients should keep in mind during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to take care of yourself in diabetes?

  • Make sure you have plenty of vegetables, fruits, grains, pulses, antioxidants and inflammation-fighting foods on a regular basis. Also, maintain a proper eating schedule.
  • Do not include any type of physical activity in your daily routine. Don’t sit all day long. Regular exercise helps in controlling the sugar level.
  • Eat more fruits and sources that contain natural sugars. Try switching to healthier alternatives like honey or jaggery.
  • Sleep is as important as diet and exercise. Make sure you get 7-8 hours of good quality sleep without any interruptions.
  • Drink water and stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • If you have diabetes, monitor your sugar level and don’t forget to take your medicines.

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