Iker Casillas claims his Twitter account was hacked after deleting the ‘I’m Gay’ tweet

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Iker Casillas, former goalkeeper for Spain, claimed that his Twitter account was hacked on Sunday after a post claiming he was gay caused a stir on social media.

Casillas stated, “Hacked account.” “Fortunately everything is in order. My apologies to all my fans. Also, apologies to my LGBT friends.

After a short message he posted to his account went viral, the follow-up was immediately initiated.

“I hope that I’ll get respected: I’m homosexual,” was the message sent by his account along with the hashtag #HappySunday, also in Spanish.

Carles Puyol (ex-Barcelona defender) replied to Casillas’ now-deleted original tweet on Sunday. He said that he had made a mistake. I apologize for a silly joke that was not intended to be offensive but was made with good intentions. It was an offensive joke, and I can understand why. I offer my full respect and support to the LGTBIQA+ community.

Adelaide United’s Josh Cavallo was out as a player last October. He criticised Casillas, Puyol and their joking about being out.

Cavallo tweeted, “It’s disappointing to joke and make fun of playing football.”

“It’s a hard journey that all LGBTQ+ people must go through. It is disrespectful to see my role models and the legends of the game have fun with coming out, and it’s a disgraceful thing.

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