‘Indian players’ belly is out, they are on it…’ This big statement came from Pakistan’s side

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Salman Butt: Not long before the T20 World Cup, Group India is playing T20 series from Australia. In the primary match of the three-match series, Group India lost even in the wake of scoring 209 runs. Group India had unfortunate handling in this match. It were likewise missed to During this a few significant gets. After which previous Pakistan chief Salman Butt has brought up issues on the wellness of the players of the Indian group.

Salman Butt questions the wellness of Group India

Salman Butt has expressed that at present there are numerous Indian players who are not completely fit. A few players have gut fat and itacis influencing the presentation of the group. This token of Salman Butt was straightforwardly towards players like chief Rohit Sharma and Rishabh Gasp. Allow us to let you know that players like Axar Patel and KL Rahul had dropped significant gets, which later turned into the justification for Group India’s loss.

Full articulation of Salman Butt

Scrutinizing the wellness of the players of Group India, Salman Butt said that ‘Indian players get the most cash in the entire world. The majority of the matches are additionally played along these lines. Presently explain to me why these players are not fit. On the off chance that we analyze his body, the groups of South Africa, Australia and Britain are obviously superior to him.

Players ought to further develop wellness: Salman Butt

Salman Butt additionally said that I will likewise say that a few groups in Asia are likewise in front of India regarding wellness. Numerous Indian players are overweight. I think they need to deal with it since they are extraordinary cricketers. I don’t know regardless of whether others will discuss it however as per me the wellness of Group India isn’t simply amazing. A few experienced players are not so fit as they ought to be.

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