Pokemon Fan Makes Impressive A Cappella Version of Generation 1 Music, Sound Effects

A Pokemon fan showcases their impressive vocal talents by creating the form of a cappella rendition sounds from Kanto area’s sound effects and BGM.

A fervent Pokémon enthusiast recently revealed their passion for the franchise by creating a cappella rendition of Kanto area’s soundtrack music as well as sound effects. For those who loved those who played the early series of Pokemon and the very first video games in the franchise, rendition of the song will bring back memories of earlier titles.

It seems that the Pokemoncommunity is known to have a fondness to its Kanto region as well as its Generation 1 pocket monsters. Many of the fans are fond of creating original versions of Gen 1 starters and put them into modern Pokémon game videos. Other fans have favorites Pokemon that are from the original generation, and their affection for the creatures is evident in the numerous fan-made art works that are shared online by the community. Because of how famous this Kanto area and the Pokemon are, it’s not uncommon for fans to go to the next level and create an a cappella version of the BGM.

Sharing a short video clip on TikTok, user chrislombardiacapella showed off their unique vocal skills by making an a cappella version of the Kanto region’s background music and some of the game’s special sound effects. In the clip the TikTok user is seen singing with just their vocal cords, accompanied by in-game videos of Pokemon Red or Pokemon Blue. Fans are likely to be able to recognize the background music from Route 4 and the change in the tune once they enter the renowned Kanto area Cerulean City. Chrislombardiacapella also provides the sound effects for when the player goes into the Pokemon Center to heal up their roster.

Based on users on TikTok users, Gen 1 and the Kanto region is the one that triggers nostalgia for those who belong to them. It is evident in the various A cappella renditions that they’ve composed in the spirit of Pokemon Red or Blue. Their TikTok account soundtrack music to the dark Kanto area Lavender Town is available along with sounds of the wild Pokemon among the grass as well as the evolution of various Pokemon.

Overall, Pokemon fans who visit chrislombardiacapella’s account will likely find something they will enjoy listening to. It is worth noting that the TikTok user’s work isn’t only limited to the initial version of Pokemon. They’ve also posted cappella song that is inspired from music from the Sinnoh area, Pokemonthemed music from opponents in the game, and much more. We hope the musician will continue their amazing music making as Pokemon Scarlet or Violet will be released later this year , too.

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