Raju Srivastav Funeral Live: Raju Srivastava merged into Panchtatva, people bid farewell with moist eyes

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Raju Srivastava Last Rites Updates: Gajodhar Bhaiya otherwise known as Raju Srivastava Demise, who has demonstrated his guts in the business with satire, is no more with us. The satire star died at Delhi’s AIIMS Medical clinic. The star who made everybody snicker today made everybody cry.

Farewell Raju Srivastava

Raju Srivastava converged into the Panchatattva. Individuals who went to the last visit of the joke artist raised mottos of ‘Amar Rahe.

Raju Srivastava’s last impression

Fans are saying goodbye to Raju Srivastava with soggy eyes. The assortment of Raju Srivastava is kept in a rescue vehicle adorned with white blossoms.

Memorial service will occur in some time

Comic Raju Srivastava’s body has arrived at Nigambodh Ghat. Allow us to let you know that Raju’s last process began from his sibling’s home in Dashrathpuri. Raju will be lit in a brief time frame

Sudarshan Patnaik offered recognition

Sand craftsman Sudarshan Patnaik has honored Raju Srivastava with damp eyes. While sharing the video on his virtual entertainment account, he composed – Chuckling laughingly… .

The present Charlie Chaplin was Raju

His unique companion Sunil Buddy, who came to say goodbye to Raju Srivastava, said-‘He was the present Charlie Chaplin.’

Fans bid goodbye to wet eyes

Parody star Raju Srivastava has left on his last process. Alongside the fans, the stars are likewise saying goodbye to their satire lord with sodden eyes.

Raju on his last process…

The collection of Raju is being taken from Dasarathpur in Dwarka, Delhi to Nigambodh crematorium. There he will be incinerated.

Sunil Paul arrived at Raju’s home

Satire star’s companions Sunil Paul, Ehsan Qureshi and numerous entertainers from the business have arrived at his home in Delhi where the assemblage of Raju Srivastava is kept.

‘Gajodhar Bhaiya’ on the last excursion

Raju Srivastava will be incinerated today at 10 am at Nigambodh Ghat in Delhi. A few entertainers and their companions have arrived at his sibling’s home in Delhi to go to the humorist’s last process.

Spouse Shikha Srivastava said – He was a genuine fighter

Shikha Srivastava, spouse of parody lord Raju Srivastava, said during a discussion with the media house that, ‘I am not ready to talk at the present time. What might I at any point say now? He battled a ton, I was truly seeking divine intervention that he will return in the wake of battling this conflict. However, this has not occurred. Well then, most certainly that he was a genuine fighter.

Shailesh Lodha recollected

Today the entire nation is in grieving because of the passing of Raju Srivastava. Fans as well as his industry partners are honoring the parody lord with sorrowful eyes. In this episode, Shailesh Lodha shared a post recollecting Raju Srivastava and made sense of why he had saved his number with ‘Raju Aao’.

Raju Srivastava was on ventilator for 42 days

For data, let us let you know that on August 10, he experienced a coronary episode in the exercise center, after which he was taken to the emergency clinic. The satire star was on ventilator throughout the previous 42 days. Fans were appealing to God for his prosperity. Satire Ruler lost the skirmish of life following 42 days. There has been a rush of grieving in the business subsequent to hearing the insight about Raju Srivastava’s demise. Fans are finding it challenging to accept.

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