Real Housewives of Potomac’s Gizelle & Robyn Discuss Why They Doubt Mia Thornton’s Cancer Scare

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Celebrity Health Fears Through the Years

My first reaction to the post was “Oh, my god, what’s happening?” “I hope she’s okay,” I thought when I saw the post. Then I had an ‘oh, my God, what’s going on?'” Robyn Dickie exclusively spoke to Us Weekly before the Sunday, October 9 premiere. “I thought it odd to share such information so early because it definitely caused an emotion in me and I was like, ‘I couldn’t imagine, like why you would share it with on a platform as this?’ These were my thoughts.Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant are among the others.

Mia’s February Instagram post in which she stated that she was contacted by Johns Hopkins Cancer Center and asked to be seen immediately for further testing made headlines. “I have been to specialist every day, and it isn’t over. But this experience is changing my life. I have a wonderful team of doctors and appreciate all the support. She wrote that she has not been diagnosed yet, and asked for prayers.

“Real Housewives” Who Left and Returned

Gizelle Britt didn’t waste any time in questioning Mia about her post during Sunday’s episode.

Robyn said that Mia wasn’t expecting to be called out in the manner she was. “I believe anyone would naturally go into defense mode and say, “Oh my god, how could you?” I was sick. I was sick. It was not good for her to hear, “No, this is how it looked and this is how we thought it would have been.” She quickly realized that we don’t keep our mouths shut in this group. We share our feelings, thoughts, and opinions with you. If something isn’t right, we will let you know. It’s as if you asked us, “Would it be better if someone told you directly that this is how it looked? Or would you prefer people to just speak behind your back?”(L-R) Mia Thornton, Gizelle Bryant, Candiace Dillard Bassett, Karen Huger, Ashley Darby, Robyn Dixon, and Wendy Osefo. Paul Gilmore/Bravo

Gizelle stated in an interview with US that not everything is intended for social media.

Stars who Beat Cancer

“And if it’s something like cancer, that’s not to been played with. She told Us that it’s not a joke. “So, even if you don’t have cancer, it’s not a joke or a game to tell the world. Housewives are public speakers and must be accountable for what they say. That’s what I said to her, “Look, you can’t just be willing to do whatever you want to say to the people, because you’re a Housewife, and this platform is for you to be smart about what you’re saying publicly.

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