Reba McEntire reflects on the plane crash which killed 8 members of her band: ‘It taught me how important life is’

Reba McEntire has released her single “For My Broken Heart” to pay tribute to her crew members and band members who have passed away.

Reba McEntire has spoken out about the plane crash in 1991 which killed 10 people, including eight of her band members and crew members and the way she came back from the loss.

McEntire opened up about the accident that changed her life for ever. The members of her band were leaving San Diego after a concert when their charter jet was destroyed.

The singer did not travel on the plane and instead, was scheduled to depart San Diego the next morning.

The crash killed of McEntire’s tour director Jim Hammon, keyboardist and bandleader Kirk Cappello, keyboardist Joey Cigainero drummer Tony Saputo, guitarist Michael Thomas and guitar Chris Austin, bassist Terry Jackson and vocalist Paula Kaye Evans as well as the two pilots Donald Holmes and Christopher Hollinger.


The loss hurt McEntire profoundly, she confessed that at times , she was not sure if she wanted to or even if she was able to continue her career as an entertainer. McEntire was only comforted by the conviction that they had found a way to be better.

“I was unsure if I would be able continue,” McEntire told People magazine. “But it taught me how valuable life is and through the mercy from God as well as my belief I realized that they’ve gone on to a higher place.”

As an Christian female, McEntire said she “never ever blamed God” in the death of one of her friends however, she did “have questions whenever (she) get(s) there. there.”

“From that , I learned that you should focus on one day at a stretch and be thankful for what you are blessed with,” she added. “Tell people who are important to you how much you appreciate and love the people in your life.”

One way that McEntire managed to deal through the loss was making her grief art by writing her album “For My Broken Heart” in memory of the people who passed away. The album came out eight months after the tragedy and remains to be the best selling album she’s released throughout her career.

“For My Broken Heart” includes hits like “Is There Life Outside There?” “The Lights Went Out In Georgia” and “The Most Amazing Man I’ve Ever Met.”

McEntire was also able to heal herself by playing in a film alongside her former friend, the late singer Kenny Rogers, something she described as having “saved her the sanity.” When she was making the film, “The Gambler Returns,” McEntire met her now boyfriend Rex Linn, although the couple didn’t begin dating until after 2020, a decade later.

While filming the film, McEntire had been married for a while to husband Narvel Blackstock. The couple was married for 26 years, before filing for divorce in 2015. McEntire began to develop an affair with Linn after they met during the filming of “Young Sheldon.”

“I made an interview on the television program Young Sheldon, which he is a part of,” McEntire told the outlet. “He told me, ‘Let’s go to dinner after you finish.’ And I agreed. He got me laughing my tummy off during our first date, and we didn’t know was an actual date.”

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 20: Singer/Actress Reba McEntire is seen at ‘Good Morning America’ on September 20, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)

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After a successful first date The COVID-19 pandemic struck and the couple was forced to seek an extended relationship since they resided in opposite parts of the country.

“He was living in Los Angeles, and I was in Oklahoma due to the fact that Mama had passed away,” she explained. “We were unable to meet from March through June, but we would talk via Zoom and FaceTime at least four times a day. We developed a bond and intimacy developing a relationship without physical contact. We became romantic after becoming friends.”

They now play as husband and wife for”Big Sky,” an ABC series ” Big Sky,” and could not be happier.

“He’s the most important person in my life,”” McEntire gushed. “We’re an amazing team.”

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