‘Southern Charm’ Reunion Recap: Taylor Ann Green Claims Ex Shep Rose ‘Uses’ Women, Naomie Sounds Off on Whitney Romance

Burialing the hatchet. The Southern Charm cast Southern Charm did not hold back in the first and second episodes of the reunion episode from season 8 But did anything happen?

Shep Rose Craig Conover and Austen Kroll were joined by the women in the group: Taylor Ann Green, Olivia Flowers, Madison LeCroy, Kathryn Dennis, Naomie Olindo, Leva Bonaparte and Venita Aspen in September to talk about all of the lows as well as highs of the last season.

This reunion that aired between the 6th and 13th of October it focussed on the drama between ex-lovers Shep 42 and Taylor 27 and Austen’s relationship with Madison 31 and Olivia the thirty.. (Austen 35 and Madison decided to end their relationship in December 2020 , having been together for two years of dating, and Olivia confessed in part 1 of the reunion episode from season 8 that she as well as Austen had been not in a relationship within a calendar year together.)

Shep, who split from Taylor in July, after two years of being together and was placed in the spotlight during the reunion shows on both occasions.

“You did it to another woman in Texas. A number of ladies,” the clinical assistant was yelling at her ex in the second part of the show that was filmed after they split up. ” Like goddamn it’s been two weeks.”

She then asked, ” Why are you choosing women like that? Why did you choose me in that way?” Shep, for his part, responded by declaring that he doesn’t “keep scores” and that he’ll “always cherish Taylor” in spite of the current relationship.

After Taylor said that she was “the whore who stayed around for too long,” her fellow cast members offered help and attempted to soothe her.

“I feel for them both. I believe that Shep is a lover of Taylor too,” Leva, 43 shared with the group. “I do not think that he behaves towards you as if the way he treats you. He loves you. This makes me sad.”

Craig however, managed to keep himself out of fire throughout the two-part episode, except in the case of his feelings regarding his former girlfriend Naomie’s brief affair with her co-star Whitney Sudler Smith. Naomie 30 also spoke about her relationship with filmmaker, who is 54 that viewers watched unfold on several episodes of the season.

The L’Abeye founder described the fling as the fling a “slow burning” but also stating that they shared a bond over the loss of their fathers in recent times.

“We’re still great friends. There was never anything more than an extremely good relationship which flipped for a second and then reverted back,” Naomie told host Andy Cohen to Craig, to Craig responded, “I think Whitney really loved you.”

When Sewing Down South founder, Sewing Down South founder who was 33 years old, claimed that the founder “thought it was fantastic” to have Naomie and Whitney met for a short period of time however, his co-stars were not buying the idea.

“I’m not going to say it wasn’t shock-inducing,” Craig finally confessed in a note that read, “You just don’t hook up with your ex-partners.”

Scroll down for the most memorable moments from both the seasons of episode 8 Southern Charm reunion:

SOUTHERN CHARM — Season:8 — Pictured: (l-r) Chleb Ravenell, Austen Kroll, Olivia Flowers, Leva Bonaparte, Craig Conover, Shep Rose, Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, Naomi Olindo, Venita Aspen, Taylor Ann Green — (Photo by: Stephanie Diani/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Taylor Calls Out Shep for His Hookups

“We were able to spend more than two years with each other. You’ve been accused of sleeping with over 300 females,” Taylor claimed during the first part of their reunion. “You were out. You partied. You’ve encased me in this group of whores have f–ked. Then I’m just an amount. That’s the reason I woke up in my head.”

She said “I wasn’t the only person who was the longest” and Shep responded, “Sorry you feel that way.”

Madison Claims Olivia Slept With Thomas

Madison appeared with guns in hand in the first part of the reunion. She claimed that Olivia was involved in a relationship with Thomas Ravenel. He denied all accusations and told the host “No He’s more like an old friend of mine.” The host then shot back at Madison with the words, “Sorry, where did this come from? Did you take it out of your fake asian?” The hairstylist responded, “No, the ass is real.”

Olivia Gets Real About Austen Romance

After Olivia was able to confirm during the first part of the reunion show that they as well as Austen were “not dating,” he explained that they had been dating after the filming ended in 2021, but that it didn’t work out.

“We have a conversation and we’re saying, ‘I don’t wish to lose you ever in the way we’ve met our friends in,'” Austen told Andy during the recording. “Or in the sense that me and Madison do not speak. She was like, “That could be a heartbreak’ which is true. You could call me coward … to not making that leap, but, I’m telling you, this s–t scares me.”

Olivia herself, on her own took the blame to the beer maker, saying it was him who couldn’t commit to. “I was all set to be in the relationship but it was him who could not determine the issue,” she said.

Austen said that even when he was about to take the plunge, she resisted which was the reason they were not together during September filming. “I was extremely patient with him throughout the time, as he tried to find out what he wanted. But the only time I required his patience, he didn’t,” Olivia concluded. “He said”OK, I did my best and that’s it.'”

Venita Is on the Outs With the Girls

In her first season as a full-time member of the cast, Venita, 28, was at war between Madison, Leva and Naomie. The influencer is said to have thrown Madison to the curb, and then yelled s–t regarding her Leva and the other girls, which led to Venita, a Greenville, South Carolina, native to remove her from the scene from her daily life. The altercation also led to issues with Leva.

Madison confessed on the show’s October 6 episode in the episode of October 6 that she and Venita weren’t friends in the present, and what the fashion guru said was “Not at all my own choice.” Venita, a businesswoman reaffirmed her remarks in the episode of October 13 and told Venita, “I was your most loyal fan. It was not in the ordinary [what you stated”You’re a s–t. You sat and spoke s–t about me.”

In the second half the season Venita was a bit snarky with Naomie when she stood up for Craig in the many fights they had. The women revealed in part 2 of their reunion that they were fine when Venita apologized. Naomie however, confessed: “It doesn’t mean that our friendship is like that.”

Venita said she was going to “try to make it work out there” and each of Madison and Leva taking their respective tiffs to court.

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