Spacey’s Lawyer Grills Anthony Rapp at Sex Misconduct Trial

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A lawyer representing Kevin Spacey has sought to disprove claims made by actor Anthony Rapp that Spacey made sexual advances on him as an teen in 1986.

NEW YORK (AP) (AP) Kevin Spacey’s lawyer Spacey was on Tuesday looking to find holes in the claims of actor Anthony Rapp, who says Spacey had a sexual encounter on him while the actor was a teen.

In an intense cross-examination in the civil trial in Manhattan Defense attorney Jennifer Keller zeroed in on the inconsistencies between the account given by Rapp of his first encounter with Spacey in 1986, and the testimony of an older colleague who was in the room.

Rapp claimed that he was 14 years old When Spacey offered him and his companion to a nightclub, after seeing them on stage in the Broadway production featuring Spacey. He said they returned home in peace following the nightclub excursion.

But the friendaged in his teenage years at that timewas able to claim in deposition that the two actually visited Spacey’s home and that he described Spacey trying to persuade the victim into a sexual relationship.

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In the light of the deposition of the friend, “You knew you had a problem with your story, correct?” Keller asked.

“I don’t doubt his account. I’m not sure if I can recall the details,” Rapp said.

According to Rapp the incident occurred a few the next day that Spacey’s home was visited first time to attend an event. He’s testified that, after guests had went away, Spacey forced himself on him by tying him to the bed, an claim that Spacey has denied.

Later in the day and under the scrutiny of his own lawyer, which began the week before, Rapp told the jury that he spoke to one of his classmates following an encounter with Spacey. He claimed he confided to the acquaintance that he was watching TV in the bedroom and that Spacey “came in drunk, picked me up as a groom does a bride, and he climbed on top of me trying to get with me sexually and I managed to squirm away.”

Rapp admitted on cross-examination Spacey has never touched his genitals, remove his clothes, or talk about sexuality. Rapp also acknowledged that, as an actor who was openly gay and struggling to gain more roles He was disappointed by the fact that Spacey had spent the majority of his professional career in the private sphere.

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The cross-examination occurred in the second week of an investigation into the allegations Rapp first made public in 2017, before suing Spacey. The allegations were similar to those which largely ended Spacey’s career due to accusations of inappropriate touching and sexual advances.

The time was when Spacey appeared in Netflix’s political thriller “House of Cards.” Spacey was 63 years old. He is also known for his performance on the feature film “American Beauty,” which was nominated for his first Academy Award.

As a child Rapp was a 50-year-old actor. Rapp was in films such as “Adventures in Babysitting.” Later, he was part of the first Broadway actors for “Rent” and is now a regular character on “Star Trek: Discovery” on the tv.

In the exam, Rapp recalled that when he was attending the high school system, he was able to go see a film that starred Spacey and was able to see how the film had affected him. He said that he felt the movie had left him “stuck by a prod from a cattle. As if I jumped from my seat. Adrenaline. Sweaty palms.”

As of 1999 Rapp experienced a chance meeting with Spacey in the bathroom at the Tony Awards, he added.

“As I was washing my hands, Kevin Spacey walked through the door,” Kevin Spacey said. “I looked at him and he looked at me. That was startling. … I wanted very much to get away.”

The lawyer for Rapp — in response to the defense suggestion the suggestion that Rapp was obsessed with Kevin Spacey -and asked him “Have you ever had a crush on Kevin Spacey?”

“No, I have not,” He replied.

Rapp will be back in court on Wednesday. Rapp is scheduled to testify Wednesday. Associated Press does not usually mention people accused of sexual assault, unless they speak out publicly in the manner Rapp has admitted to doing.

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