Srinagar: Encounter among armed force and fear based oppressors in Nowgam, one psychological militant killed

by NutraProds

Asif Suhaf, Srinagar: An experience broke out among psychological oppressors and security powers in Nowgam area of Srinagar region on Wednesday night. As per the data up to this point, one fear based oppressor has been killed by the military. One fear monger is accounted for to have been killed in the midst of the terminating from both the sides.

As of now, the Kashmir Zone Police said that the police had gotten data about being a psychological oppressor. The joint group of police, armed force began the activity. In which one psychological oppressor was killed. The attacking activity is as yet going on. Simultaneously, a couple of hours before this episode, psychological oppressors went after a CRPF fortification in Tral, the principal town of Lavama locale.

After this abrupt assault, there was disorder on the spot. Security powers have begun cordoning off the area to capture the fear mongers. Prior, a fear based oppressor was killed in an experience on Monday in Shopian region of South Kashmir. A jawan engaged with the activity was likewise harmed.

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