Takeoff is a member of the rap group Migos was fatally shot at a an event that was private in Houston police say.

Takeoff Was one-third member of the top-selling platinum rapper group Migos was killed and shot early Tuesday morning in Houston, Texas, a source with knowledge of Migos confirmed to CNN. He was 28.

Police were notified of a shooting that was in progress at around two hours a.m. at local time. Houston Police Department Chief Troy Finner said at a news conference on Tuesday. Police arrived at the 810 Billiards and Bowling Houston, in the middle of a private gathering and found a deceased man on the spot.

Two additional people two men aged 23 and a 24 year-old woman were wounded during the shooting. They went to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, according to Sgt. Michael Arrington with police department’s Homicide Division.

The employees told police that the incident started following the end of the party when an en masse group were gathered in the front entrance and outside of the building, leading to the incident. About 40 people were present at that location at moment of the shooting, Finner told the police.

“A large number of people who were present fled the scene and did not stay to provide a statement” Arrington said.

Finner identified the man killed identified the deceased man as Kirshnik Khari Ball. who is called Takeoff of the group Migos.

“I received numerous calls from Houston and beyond Houston and everyone was talking about what a wonderful young man he was and how calm is he, and what an amazing musician (he was),” Finner said and later added that Takeoff was extremely well-liked and peaceful.

“I wouldn’t expect him not to get associated with anything … There is no reason to believe that he was involved. don’t have any evidence to suggest that there was any involvement in any criminal activity in the moment,” Finner said.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said they have had a meeting with Takeoff’s mother.

“It does not matter the fame you have. It’s possible that you aren’t popular at all,” Turner said. “Anybody who loses their life is lost. There are relatives and friends grieving for the loss.”

Hip-hop community reacts strongly to the death of Takeoff

The news of Takeoff’s passing was a major blow to the hip-hop scene, which is recovering from the tragic shootout of hip-hop artist PnB rock in the month of September. The stars posted on social media Tuesday to pay tribute to the rapper and convey their condolences on the loss of Takeoff.

Gucci Mane, who recently worked on a track with Takeoff in the music track “Us Vs. Them,” wrote on Instagram, “This broke my heart” after hearing the news.

“This is absolutely horrendous. From the tragic death, to the tragedy of an online video,” actress Keke Palmer posted on Instagram in reference to a clip that seems to show the dead rapper’s moments following his death. “It’s the most tragic thing that has ever happened and I’m truly sorry for his family and everyone the people he touched. It’s really tragic.”

The rapper Ja Rule aired his grievances regarding the brutal death of Takeoff on Twitter and wrote, “this sh*t has to stop … Sending love to family and friends.”

The Atlanta Falcons also released a statement on Twitter.

“Takeoff’s legacy is still alive in Atlanta and all over the globe,” the team tweeted.

Migos came onto the scene in 2013

The rapper was born in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Takeoff began performing with his uncle , along with his fellow rapper Quavo Along with Offset and Offset as Migos in the year 2008. The group gained fame after their 2013 hit single “Versace.”

Their popularity only grew in 2016 when they released their hit song “Bad and Boujee” featuring another singer Lil Uzi Vert.

The song quickly became an internet hit which led to the creation of numerous memes were based on the song’s lyrics “rain drop”, drop top.”

The song received an additional boost when “Atlanta” writer and singer Donald Glover name-dropped the single in his acceptance speech at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards.

“I truly want to thank the Migos not for appearing on the program, but instead for putting together “Bad and Bojee,”” Glover said at the time. “Like it’s the greatest song I’ve ever heard.”

Takeoff and Quavo have recently formed the duo “Unc and Phew” and released their debut album, “Only Built for Infinity Links,” on October 7.

Their music video, which features their hit song “Messy” came out on Monday.

In a recent interview on”Drink Champs,” a podcast “Drink Champions” just days prior to taking his own life, Takeoff accepted accolades for his impressive performance in the new project.

“It’s an appropriate time to pop that balloon, know what I’m saying? It’s time to present me with my flowers, do you know what I’m saying? Takeoff told me. “I do not need them in the future when I’m not here.”

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