The destiny of destitution, ‘Draft the girls from the house and …’ the mother recounted to the entire story in the Lakhimpur occurrence

New Delhi: Lakhimpur Khiri is in the news once more. In Lakhimpur Kheri, the groups of two Dalit minor genuine sisters were tracked down dangling from a tree in the field on Wednesday. There is a mix in the police division. The story told by the mother of the departed young ladies is frightening. The mother asserts that her girls were detracted from the house by 3 adolescents and killed.

The mother of the dead recounted the entire story

After the occurrence, the mother let in her explanation know that she was sitting external the house on Wednesday evening with her two girls matured 15 years and 17 years. After at some point, leaving the little girls outside, she went inside the house to get into garments, simultaneously three young men on the bicycle came and hauled my girls along. He said, ‘The three young men used to come consistently. Today when he came, our girl was sitting alongside us.

Irate family illustrated

The mother expressed that during this time she rushed to save the little girls and her garments were likewise torn. Incensed by this occurrence, the relatives and locals organized a savage exhibit at Nighasan intersection, a couple of kilometers from the town. Lucknow Range Inspector General of Police Laxmi Singh said, “The collections of two young ladies were tracked down dangling from a tree in a field outside a town in Lakhimpur Kheri. No wounds were tracked down on the bodies. Rest of the things will be known after the posthumous. The Police is exploring’

For the situation, the police took one of the denounced, Chotu, into authority. The quest until the end of his associates is on. The mother of the departed told that the three young people are inhabitants of a close by town.

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