The influencer Oli London explains how he reversed his gender transition and defiantly slams ‘hypocritical’ critics

Oli London says to Fox News Digital he’s ‘used to hypocritical haters and revealed the motive for his change of heart

YouTuber Oli London is a British influencer, actor and singer who has earned an enormous global following in the past few years.

The world was shocked on Friday by announcing He was in the process of detransitioning to a man , after having lived as transgender for the last six months. transsexual woman for the past six months.

“I am no longer trans and have gone back to living as a man,” he wrote on Twitter. “Grateful if everyone could respect my new pronouns- He/Him KOR/EAN. Thank you.”

“Six months ago I had facial feminization surgeries, 11 in one day,” the doctor exclusively said to Fox News Digital.

“I changed my bone structure. I got hair extensions, changed wardrobes, started wearing makeup, had my hair removed. I did it because I thought it would make me happy. I felt happy at the time but over a period of reflection, I felt I was chasing happiness. Being a woman is not for me.”


The day after this announcement London received intense criticism and anger.

Born as a White person, London has undergone 32 different procedures in the span of eight years to make him look Korean.

“I had been unhappy throughout my life with how I look and was bullied as a child,” London informs Fox News Digital. “In 2013, I used to live in South Korea, and plastic surgery is everywhere there. I felt, ‘Maybe I can change myself and find happiness.'”

He says that his desire to be Korean originated from his experience as a child in South Korea and his love for the culture and people.

“Originally, I went to the doctor and chose a member from [Korean pop boy band] BTS, and the surgeries would go wrong, and so I’d do it again,” the singer states. “And then when I decided to become a woman, I wanted to focus on Rose from Korean girl group BLACKPINK]. She’s beautiful and has a cute face, and I felt I could emulate that. I just find Koreans so beautiful; they’re such nice people and so beautiful.”

London says that London believed that he would be more content as a woman, London realized that this wasn’t an actual fact and had bewildered over his identity.

After his announcement to his followers, London received immense hate that he said the way he’s used. London also expressed his displeasure at insanity of his critics.

“I’m so used to them,” London says to Fox News Digital. “Who are they to say to an individual they can’t be who they want to be? They aren’t living through my personal experience. I get vilified by the media and left-wing people. It’s a double standard. Last year, when I came out as transracial, people attacked me. But then I became trans, and people started celebrating me; they criticized me for wanting to look like a Korean pop star, but praised me for being trans. It’s so hypocritical. When I became a woman, they were suddenly loving me. It’s a confusing world.”

London admits that, she is transgender, but as a transgender woman London has stated that he does not prefer to go to women’s bathrooms, because of “respect” for women.

“I’m a real feminist,” he declares. “Even when I was living as a trans woman, I would not use the women’s restroom; I never wanted a woman to feel threatened. I would use the men’s room still.”

He also expressed his anger at transgender female athletes for being allowed to join women’s teams and leagues for example, the swimmer Lia Thomas.

Oli London has recently cut his hair in the first step towards changing back into a male. (Oli London)

London has also questioned the rise of young children who want to change genders. London emphasized that parents should let their children remain in their teens to determine if transitioning is right for them.

“I want to help parents, to tell their kids to wait until they’re adults,” He states. “I think people think it’s normal to change our gender. Especially for children these days, there are school boards pushing these ideas on children, when they’re 5 years old, identifying as a different gender. And I think it’s wrong. These are children and should be making these decisions as adults. I feel like children are changing gender without realizing what they’re doing, and then they become adults and regret it. I support changing sex, but if you’re a child and taught things like that, you can easily be influenced with whatever adults are speaking to.”

Oli London has donated the hair of his client to Iranian organizations that promote women’s rights in Iran. (Oli London)

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In the past, London shaved his hair completely and he believes it’s the start of his return to being an adult. He’s also taken his makeup and has started lifting weights in the fitness center. He claims that the past six months of being woman has given him the clarity of who he really is. He’s taking proactive measures including therapy to continue his path towards happiness.

“I’m still the same person in the inside, so I’m now focusing on positivity, I’m going to therapy to be more happy with who I am. I’m happier than ever now.”

London is also announcing that he’s giving his hair to organizations in Iran which support women as a response to the tragic death of Mahsa Amini, as well as other oppressed women throughout the country.


“This is for the women of Iran. I stand with you all,” posted he on his Instagram along with a photo of him sporting his newly buzzed hair. “I am auctioning my Korean hair to raise funds to support women’s charities in Iran. All women deserve the same equal rights as men and deserve dignity and respect and freedom to make their own choices. So many women have been killed by the Iranian regime we must all speak up and support the women of Iran.”

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