Ubisoft CCO Is Leaving the Company

Ubisoft’s CCO is stepping down from his post while the company undergoes a complete revamp in its Creative Management office.

Ubisoft‘s Chief creative officer has resigned from his post amid the company’s efforts to decentralize. However, Ubisoft has been recently being featured in news for its top-selling brand, Assassin’s Creed and undergoing a significant shift in the way it will deal with future releases in AC: Infinity, it seems that there are major changes taking place in the background as well.

As a large company that has an extensive number of development studios that work on the production of games, Ubisoft’s organizational structure is one of the most important factors in the way it runs. According to the latest data it is now being implemented to improve the efficiency of the process to the greatest extent possible. The creative departments within the company are currently getting reorganized and revamped to allow for optimal development of games.

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There are rumors of Ubisoft’s possible acquisition being put off The main objective of the publisher is currently to improve the efficiency its creative departments work which means that they’ll lose a few individuals in the process. The chief creative officer of Ubisoft, Igor Manceau, is going to leave the company within the next month, after having spent only a little over a year at his current job. The official press release from Ubisoft states Manceau will help in the ongoing restructuring of the creative office, the purpose of which is to shift towards a less model of centralization in game development.Iders Republic It was successful as one of the the top 2021 multiplayer games . The reason for the decision to leave isn’t clear by itself, however Ubisoft did confirm its sources that it was actually Manceau who made the decision to quit the company. It’s possible, however it could be that the reason had something to be related to Ubisoft’s ongoing efforts to decentralize the company although this hasn’t yet been confirmed in any way.

Just a few weeks ago, Ubisoft announced a significant acquisition from Tencent and Tencent, which gave Tencent an 49.9 percent stake in the company’s operations however, it did not grant seats on the board. Although it’s unlikely that the new announcement of streamlining and simplification of Ubisoft’s creative efforts has anything to have to do with the announcement The timing of the announcement is interesting and could indicate Ubisoft trying to make itself more attractive to potential investors.

The precise results of this change won’t be available for quite a while until the end of time however Ubisoft has major diversification plans over the coming years. It shouldn’t be shocking to find that they are tied into the whole process. In the short-term the longer term, it’s more important to consider whether Manceau’s is going to be the biggest blow for Ubisoft’s creativity however only time will tell whether this is indeed the situation.

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