"A Performing Clown At Mercy Of His Masters":Andrew Tate Slams Logan Paul In A Recent Interview BOXING

Logan Paul & Andrew Tate are constantly in the war of words on the internet.

As both of them don't stop calling out each other and throwing shade at one another.

Recently Andrew Tate took shots at Logan Paul by calling him a clown.

In a conversation at The War of Room Podcast, Top G spoke about how he and his brother are making a way for people to have discussions openly.

As they are interested in the future of humanity.

"All you care about is keeping your little f**king YouTube channel because you are a performing clown at mercy of his masters."

He accused Logan Paul of saying anything publicly just for the sake of it.

He thinks that Maverick fears people taking away his youtube channel if he said something that offends people. Because according to Andrew, if Logan lost his channel he will have nothing.

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