An Olympic Boxer Reveals Mike Tyson's Secret to Power

Mike Tyson was a beast in his prime, dominating the ring with a force unseen in boxing history. Many boxers were forced to retire due to his devastating punches.

Despite being studied by fans and legions of coaches, Tyson's techniques remain relevant three to four decades after the champion used them to devastating effect.

Tony Jefferies, a former Olympic bronze medalist, dissects Iron Mike's

techniques, which not only proved brilliant defensively but also funnelled his power over the opponent in an unconventional manner.

Jaffa, who stands six feet two inches tall, hosts a boxing tutorial channel on YouTube that has over a million subscribers. In one of the short video clips, he demonstrated Mike's punching power

Particularly the most inconceivable angles he used to launch an attack. The first reason for Tyson bobbing his head sideways, according to Jefferies, is to keep his opponents guessing about the position he might take for an attack.

Defensively, the technique was also advantageous. It allowed Mike to sneak around unnoticed and avoid a few damaging punches

Finally, by shifting his weight over one leg while bobbing, Mike was able to set up a brutal mixture of a straight right or right cross followed immediately by a left hook.

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