Chris Eubank Jr pours doubt on rival Conor Benn's innocent plea in scathing video

Chris Eubank Jr has issued a scathing video verdict on Conor Benn's fight to clear his name.

Chris Eubank Jr and Conor Benn was supposed to fight back in October

but the fight got canceled as Conor Benn had failed drug test in build-up

Now Conor Benn's legal team have handed over a 270-page document to the World Boxing Council in a bid to clear his name

Eubank Jr, 33, responded in brutal fashion on Friday to this

"You got caught, twice, with illegal substances in your system, People who are innocent don't go into hiding for three months and then start talking about 'thank you to my team..

to everyone who stuck by me, and everything will come to light'. It's boring, no one gives a s**t, sorry."

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