Dakota Kai Describes How She Got Into Pro Wrestling

Dakota Kai, like many people growing up in the 1990s, credits Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson with introducing her to the world of professional wrestling.

Only for Kai did her fandom turn into a career. The current WWE Women's Tag Team Champion finally opened about her life and professional career, along with how she got into pro wrestling, in a recent interview

Whereas growing up in New Zealand, Kai informed WWE's German commentator Sebastian Hackl that it was her younger brother who first sat her down to watch the brand's weekly wrestling shows.

"He used to watch it way back when," Kai explained. I guess I didn't give it much thought because I was ignorant.

But one day he told me to sit down and watch it, and we found ourselves in the middle of a Rock and Austin feud, with a promo going on in the ring, and that was my first start to pro wrestling.

"Kai explained why The Rock is her favorite."" "He's charismatic and athletic, but he's also Samoan, and I'm Samoan, so there's a link there."

Kai stated that once she was hooked on the entertainment side, she began to appreciate the nuances in the ring. "From there, I really valued the athleticism, stunt people, and the various storylines that were going on," she explained.

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