After Yellowstone launched their Season 5 trailer, fans were struck by a number of elements that appeared to be a predicative of certain events on The Paramount Network drama.

One of them was the fact that John Dutton becomes governor of Montana.

A different one was that Dutton Ranch is hosting live events to help increase revenues.

None of these are extravagant or controversial, however one observation from our list of five was.

The issue is Monica's hair. It seemed to be cut shorter when she appeared on the CMT's artist of the year event in October, as well as in a couple of shots of the Yellowstone trailer.

 We wondered if she had cut it short because she's the mother of a baby and that's exactly what new mothers do so why not

It's really difficult to take care of long hair after being exhausted from feedings, changing and the joys of raising babies.

The theory omitted the visible bandage that covers her nose, and the grief she feels when she flings her kitchen around,