Draymond Green Cal Out Charles Barkley After He Questioned His Shot Selection Or Warriors

When the Golden State Warriors faced the New York Knicks, Draymond Green and the team were aiming to win back-to-back games without Steph Curry.

NBA on TNT commentator Charles Barkley questioned Green about playing aggressively against the Knicks before the game.

Before asking the question, Barkley mentioned that the Warriors forward has been missing opportunities to score and occasionally even refusing to look at the basket. The following is "Dray's" reply to Barkley:

"If you actually spend some time watching the game, you saw last game, I came out starting 3-3 from three and I shot 15 shots last game. So, Imma need you to pay a little more attention, big dog."

Green was on the right track. He scored 17 points on 15 shots in the Warriors' 126-110 thumping of the Toronto Raptors.

Additionally, the past winner of Defensive Player of the Year attempted six three- pointers and connected on half of them.

The Bay Area team's first victory of the year without its greatest player was largely due to Green's effort.

The Knicks-Warriors game, though, provided evidence to support Charles Barkley's argument.

Draymond Green only scored Seven points overall, making 1-3 three-pointers in addition to making five field goal attempts.

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