I Resisted His Kisses as Well as His Religion': As a Child, Muhammad Ali's daughter Laila Ali Feared her Father's Faith

Laila Ali is regarded as one of the greatest and most innovative female boxers of all time. She may not have ascended to the heights attained by her father.

Her place among boxing's luminaries, however, remains unblemished. But it wasn't easy for the two-division champion-in her best-selling autobiography, the former champion shakes out impressions from her childhood.

Significantly, how The Greatest's adopted religion and family life influenced her beliefs and sense of self amidst his worldwide celebrity status.

Pages 11 and 12 of the second chapter of her book Reach! Finding Strength, Spirit, and Personal Power reveal some profound details about her upbringing in the Ali household as a child.

Pieces from her childhood reveal a Muhammed Ali who is, in many ways, a child at heart. He exuded the sensitivity and innocence of a child. She recounts her time with her father by recalling random incidents from her life.

Muhammad Ali insisted on carrying out the responsibilities of a devout follower of his adopted faith. However, it induced hesitancy and withdrawal in a young Laila.

"I resisted his kisses as well as his religion," she says. I dreaded those early morning wake-up calls and being led into our living room..."

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