Latest Anthony Davis News Puts An End To His Amazing Run

Anthony Davis sustained a foot injury on Friday night against the Denver Nuggets,

and according to league sources, Davis is anticipated to miss "at least" a month of action.

The injury is an unfortunate setback for a player with a history of injuries who's been playing perhaps the best basketball of his career.

For a guy with a history of ailments who has been playing maybe his best basketball of his career, the injury is a regrettable setback.

Denver (17-11, third in the Western Conference) was beaten by Los Angeles (12- 16, 12th in the Conference) 126-108 on Friday. Davis left before halftime and didn't return.

Davis has performed at a level that was anticipated of him when he forced his way to Los Angeles in 2019.

Although he played a key role in the team's NBA title that year, his propensity for injuries has plagued him in Los Angeles just as frequently as it did in New Orleans.

Despite how terrific Davis is, it's tough to discuss his ongoing struggles with keeping healthy while recounting his NBA career.

Davis missed 78 more games in the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 seasons than he actually participated in (76). In his 11-year career, he has only twice participated in more than 70 games in a single season.