NBA Analyst Explains Why The Lakers Should Have Traded Anthony Davis

One of the top players in the NBA right now, Anthony Davis has been outstanding for the Los Angeles Lakers this season on both sides of the court.

Anthony Davis currently has averages of 27.4 PPG, 12.1 RPG, and 2.6 APG.

Anthony Davis has undoubtedly exhibited MVP-caliber play for the Los Angeles Lakers. However, there have been recent unconfirmed reports that he might have a fairly significant foot injury.

The Los Angeles Lakers should have dealt Anthony Davis when he was on his MVP-like run, according to CBS Sports NBA expert Brad Bodkin.

He asserted that Anthony Davis might not always be as useful as he has been in recent weeks.

"I'm not an insider. I don't have any idea if the Lakers actually did reach out about trading Davis during his sky-high stretch. I doubt it. My guess is something would've been reported."

"News like that doesn't stay under wraps these days. Besides that, I don't know what the Lakers could've gotten for Davis. I'm certainly not the only one who his ability to stay healthy."

"Maybe his value wasn't as high as I thought, even when he was the best player in the league for a moment. But I'm betting if the Lakers were properly motivated, a good, solid deal that could've really set them back up for the post- LeBron era could've been achieved."

"Then they could've traded LeBron after the season when he becomes eligible. Put that together with the 2027 and 2029 picks, and you're in a pretty good spot. You got your one title out of Davis and LeBron and still managed to recoup some value."

"Now? Davis is hurt. As was always going to be the case. The buzz of his short-lived healthy dominance has again been replaced by the reality of his fragility, and he'll be 30 in March and in a walk year next season making $40 million,

"further complicating his market moving forward. Chances are, Davis will never be as valuable as he was a month or even a few weeks ago."