Skip Bayless Fires Shots At Kevin Durant For Not Caring About Michael Jordan & LeBron James Comparisons

Kevin Durant has made it crystal clear that basketball is his only concern during his Hall of Fame career.

He has very rarely become distracted by the attention that comes with being an NBA great. He only wants to play the game he has loved his entire life.

It's challenging for a player of Durant's magnitude to keep conversations solely about basketball, despite his best efforts.

He has always been a hot topic of discussion since he is generational talent.

KD recently said that he didn't want to be compared to all-time greats like LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

Due to this, Skip Bayless of FS1 joined "Undisputed" and criticised the former MVP.

He believes that Durant is constantly attempting to stay out of the spotlight and that these remarks are retirement-like.

"So, he's saying, like, I'm having retirement thoughts," Bayless said. "Just leave me alone and let me hoop.

"He's so great, you have to embrace that.... He likes to play out of the spotlight in the shadows."