Stephen A. Smith Predicts Hardships for Golden State Warriors After Steph Curry's Injury

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With Steph Curry suffering a shoulder injury and leaving the game against the Indiana Pacers, the Golden State Warriors have suffered yet another setback.

STATE NBA expert Stephen A. GOLDEN Smith believes the Warriors won't be able to compete without Curry.

Curry strained his shoulder late in the third quarter and headed straight to the locker room.

Their subsequent defeat against the Philadelphia 76ers was caused by his absence.

The Warriors' 2022-23 season has gotten off to a rough start, and many believe things might get worse.

They are now ranked 11th in the Western Conference standings, six victories behind of the Grizzlies, who are currently ranked first.

Smith was questioned on ESPN's "First Take" about the Warriors' chances of being competitive with Curry. He answered:

"I don't think they can, to be quite honest with you. I don't mean to sound that way but I don't think they can when we see what we've seen thus far this season.... Steph Curry is head and shoulders the star of this team, and his level of play far exceeds that of any of his teammates.

Rakuten "To answer the question directly.... If Klay Thompson comes in the lineup while Steph Curry is out, assuming it's for the foreseeable future, then Klay Thompson has to elevate or continue to elevate his level of play...."

"He's gonna really have to up his level of play and take his game to another level whenever he's back in order to offset the absence of Steph Curry."

"I would say the focus would shift to Klay Thompson, and what he's capable of doing. And to a lesser degree, Jordan Poole, and what he's capable of doing.

That's the only thing that has a prayer of offsetting the absence of Steph Curry, and I don't think that's gonna even be good enough."