What do you know about the what is alleged Paul Pelosi attacker David DePape and his “creepy” group

It is not known much concerning David DePape, the man who is accused for hitting Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, with a hit with a hammer at the Pelosis’ San Francisco home early on a Friday morning.

Law enforcement officials have said an investigation into the motives behind DePape’s arrest is in progress. A portion of his web history suggests the man was obsessed with conspiracy theories and radical opinions that were connected to his YouTube consumption habits.

But, as media outlets attempt to discover details about the 42-year-old the spotlight has been centered at Gypsy Taub — a naked activist who he once resided with at Berkeley.

California state senator. Scott Wiener, who is a member of San Francisco, said he observed Taub in the midst of the heated debate on public nudity in 2012, when officials considered prohibiting this practice within San Francisco.

In the year 2000, despite continual protests and protests, the city’s lawmakers adopted a ban with only a 6-5 margin. However, while Wiener was a witness to demonstrations and said he was in support of people who expressed their views although he was not the one who introduced the bill in the first place, he stated that Taub who was a active activist in the moment – immediately made him uncomfortable.

“There was something very off about her that creeped me out, and I really wanted to say I didn’t want to be anywhere near her,” the man stated to SFGATE.

Taub has proclaimed conspiratorial theories about 9/11 on the public channel TV while naked, as the Sacramento Bee reported in 2012.

Although Wiener could not confirm if DePape was in her presence during demonstrations Wiener claimed that DePape looked like someone he knew. He added that, if DePape was connected to Taub the latter would mean that DePape also was someone he would like to “steer clear” of.

“DePape was part of that crew, which was creepy,” explained Wiener. “And you wanted to steer clear of them.”

The connection with Taub DePape and Taub DePape is not known, but both Taub lived together in the same Berkeley Victorian according to a 2013 article of The San Francisco Chronicle. (SFGATE as well as The San Francisco Chronicle are both owned by Hearst but they operate independently of each other.)

SFGATE tried by SFGATE to contact other relatives and friends of DePape failed. The messages sent to Taub by phone and email were never answered.

A number of newspapers, which include CNN and CNN, have stated that DePape posted conspiratorial messages on his Facebook account related to COVID-19 vaccinations and the results for the 2020 election. According to reports, his Facebook account was shut down by the company on Friday. A spokesperson for Facebook didn’t immediately reply to a request by SFGATE for clarification.

Two blogs -one hosted on WordPress.com and one hosted on the only for subscribers hosting site Wix were linked as belonging to user “daviddepape,” but SFGATE could not confirm whether or not they were linked to DePape.

On both websites, the poster featured mockuments from Disney movies, AI art and an acknowledgement that he was “into all this” because Gamergate, an anti-gay campaign targeting “social justice” and women in video games; transphobic, homophobic as well as anti-Black, anti Muslim and antisemitic views frequently associated with YouTube videos as well as a love affair with Canadian journalist Jordan Peterson and “anti-woke” mathematician James Lindsay. The most recent post on Wix Wix website, posted just a few hours before the incident, was entitled “Why Colleges are becoming Cults.”

This WordPress blog was shut down Friday due to a violation of the terms of service for the host the WordPress spokesperson told SFGATE. The WordPress spokesperson declined to comment on “the details of individual sites,” and did not answer questions about whether the blog’s policies were violated. WordPress policies. The Wix website is active; an official from Wix with its headquarters at Tel Aviv, did not respond to a request to comment from SFGATE.

DePape was detained in DePape was booked at San Francisco County jail and could be facing a variety of charges including attempted murder as well as elder abuse, burglary , and attack with deadly weapons San Francisco Police Department Chief Bill Scott said at a press conference held on Friday.

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