Xiaomi brought a cheap washing machine, clothes will be washed in just 15 minutes!

Xiaomi MIJIA 3kg Mini Clothes washer: Xiaomi is the name that starts things out on a great many people’s tongues from cell phones to other exceptional items. The organization is well known among individuals for its reasonable items since its beginning. This time the organization has sent off another clothes washer on the lookout.

Xiaomi has sent off the MIJIA 3kg Scaled down Clothes washer in China. In this, MIJIA clothes washer has been arranged with the best plan and highlights. Allow us to enlighten you.

MIJIA 3kg Mini washing cost

Xiaomi has sent off the 3 kg Mijia Mini Clothes washer at an extremely low cost. In the Chinese market, this clothes washer has been sent off with a sticker price of 699 Yuan (around 8 thousand rupees). This top-stacking clothes washer will wash and clean even the most grimy of garments in no time.

Specs of MIJIA 3kg Mini Washing

Xiaomi MIJIA 3kg Mini Clothes washer can not wash enormous packs, however clothing and kids’ garments can be washed without any problem. Through this, 12 sets of kids’ and 15 ladies’ clothing can be washed.

Elements of MIJIA 3kg Smaller than expected Clothes washer

  • This clothes washer has 3-level energy effectiveness.
  • Through this, the power utilization is 0.043 kWh.
  • It drinks 57 liters of water.
  • Its washing proportion is 0.8.
  • There is a preset washing time for the wellbeing of the children.
  • It has water level change.
  • There are many projects including Wellbeing Kid Lock Plan.
  • Paper dust channel is additionally given in this clothes washer.

Will do clothing shortly

Garments can be washed well with this small clothes washer. The organization guarantees that garments can be washed neatly quickly. Its aspects are 412 x 422 x 730mm. Discussing the weight, it is just 19 kg.

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