Comedians claim Atlanta airport’s drug testing program of discrimination against racial groups in a federal lawsuit

ATLANTA Comedy stars Eric Andre and Clayton English are suing a police program that they say is a violation of the Atlanta airport, which they claim violates the rights of constitutionally protected passengers traveling on airline flights, and especially Black passengers, by the use of racial profiling as well as forced searches right before they … Read more

Authorities say that a man took magic mushrooms and assaulted United flight attendants.

After he had eaten magic mushrooms, a man was charged with assault. According to court documents filed in Virginia last Wednesday, the incident that occurred on Oct. 4, began when Cherruy loghan Sevilla started causing a disturbance about an hour into the flight. Authorities claim that Sevilla grabbed the arm and started to shout obscenities. According … Read more

The summit region that is Mauna Loa volcano closed because an increase in seismic activity

(CNN) —  The heightened seismic activity has led to Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park to shut down backcountry access to the Mauna Loa summit backcountry until more notice.┬áThe park was revealed┬áThis week. The area covers half the Island of Hawai`i, Mauna Loa is thought to be the biggest active volcano in the world in accordance with … Read more

Hanako Greensmith Honored Hawkins with the Most Emotional Instagram

Chicago Fire provided us with some heart-wrenching moments throughout this season. Exhibit A. In Season 11, Evan Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas), was tragically murdered by a falling building. He leaves behind Violet Mikami . Violet was clearly distraught to have to say goodbye Hawkins. Hanako Greensmith who plays Mikami will also be missing him. In a series of sweet photos, Greensmith paid … Read more

PM Modi inaugurated 36th National Games, 7 thousand athletes will participate

36th Public Games: Interestingly, Gujarat is facilitating the Public Games. Top state leader Narendra Modi introduced the 36th Public Rounds of the country. These games are being coordinated following 7 years. These Games have 7,000 competitors partaking in 36 games disciplines. Arranging without precedent for Gujarat Public Games are being coordinated without precedent for Gujarat. These … Read more

Big relief to Anil Ambani from Bombay High Court in tax evasion case, know

Mumbai: The Bombay High Court has given help to Dependence Gathering Director Anil Ambani for a situation of tax avoidance of Rs 420 crore. The High Court has asked the Annual Expense Office not to take any “coercive activity” against Anil Ambani till November 17. Simultaneously, the court has additionally remained the arraignment notice gave to … Read more